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National Accounts — How Do You Create a Program That Really Works

This article is intended to help everyone gain a better
understanding of National Accounts Programs, including the motivation
for creating one and the steps toward a successful process. While it is
not intended to definitively answer every question regarding national
accounts, it serves as a set of guiding principles for those in the
company who are responsible for the success of the program. It is
written for salespeople, branch managers and national account
representatives, not the company’s executive management team. However,
keep in mind that executive management needs to be committed to the
program and would benefit by understanding the process and concepts.

Regain Power by Offering Competitive Advantage

accounts, by definition, have significant size and buying power which
provide leverage in demanding lower prices. In addition, because of
their complexity and demographics, they are often more difficult and
expensive to service. Consequently, most national accounts are the least

In response, you need to make a concentrated effort
to effectively rebalance the shift of power by offering significant
competitive advantages that make your products and services more
critical to your national accounts. Without creating competitive
advantage, you will be tied to the downward price spiral that eats
margin and effectively negates any understanding by your customers that
“price is not the same as cost.” A structured national accounts program
with definitive guidelines is the first step toward gaining competitive

There are four basic broad categories of added value that create competitive advantage:

Processes that streamline your customers’ productivity, improve
quality, take transaction costs out of the supply chain and provide
measurable savings (unrelated to price).

2. Administrative and
technical support that can reduce your customers’ internal costs enough
to affect bottom line operating costs.

3. Sales and marketing support that can increase your customers’ top line.

4. Technology that is core to your customers’ business results, yet is beyond their internal capabilities.

Your national accounts program should refocus your efforts on all of these issues.

Four Fundamentals

ultimate success of a national accounts program depends on the hard
work and team participation of all company employees involved in the

There are four basic fundamentals of success in any national accounts program:

Knowledge – Study the internal processes of your company and/or the
internal workings of your national accounts program if you already have
one in place.

2. Understanding – Research the business environment
in which your company operates and the resulting defined objectives for
a national accounts program.

3. Clarity – Identify the big
picture of market and customer demand and direction. This should be a
true understanding of what your corporation is trying to accomplish in

4. Commitment – Secure the commitment of your entire company.


is essential to outline the objectives of your program, the process
involved, and the direction to take in order to receive help and support
when necessary. If you have no program in effect, it is critical to
develop this process.

Second, activity measurement and open
communication (both up and down the chain of command) are absolutely
critical for success. Accountability is an absolute necessity and it
must be clearly defined. Support from your company’s information
management system can provide the fundamental elements of success for
the national accounts program. A weak information system could leave
dangerous voids or even misrepresent the true picture of the national
accounts program.


Understanding brings the
field view (external view) closer to corporate headquarters. An internal
company survey may provide the necessary clarity as to how a national
accounts program is perceived. Input from local account representatives
and branch managers is very important. Your company needs to explore how
things are being done and how an existing program is perceived. Most
importantly, input from the field with recommendations is essential. If
you currently have no program, the survey is even more critical to the
initial development stage of a new program.

Understanding actual needs of the national account is also critical
to the success of your program. To get a better understanding, ask the
following questions:

o What do national account types really value?

o What motivates our suppliers to negotiate special terms for these accounts?

o Do these accounts view our company as partners?

o What do we know about their business?

o Are we truly the primary source of supply?

o Can we create a win-win situation?


must have a clear understanding of exactly what you are trying to
accomplish. Recognizing the volatility of the environment is a valuable
piece of the puzzle. Your company needs to catch up to the pace of
change within the distribution industry to maintain competitive
advantage. Remember, “Perceived value drives expectations” and
“Performance value drives customer satisfaction.”

Raise your
customers’ perceived value high enough and you create “competitive
advantage” which is the first step towards rebalancing the shift of
power inherent in any national accounts program.

While the
knowledge aspect of the national accounts program is heavily weighted
toward internal perspective, clarity needs to be weighted toward your
external environment. You must be clearly aware of market dynamics,
including technology and other external forces shaping your particular
industry and driving behavior of the national accounts customers. You
must evaluate events and trends using an anticipatory perspective in
relationship to your competition. You need to ask yourself these

o How is the industry different today regarding what is expected from a national accounts program?

o What will be considered by 2007?

o What are our competitors doing in serving national accounts?

o What technologies offer the most potential, both as products and tools?

o What actions are our competitors taking to gain advantage?

o How will our suppliers react to our strategy?


National Accounts Program cannot be treated like a member of the
“flavor of the month” club. Everyone needs to take it seriously.
Commitment is required by everyone. This is not something you dabble in.
That is why it is important to put the time and attention into the
planning process before getting wet. Understand your objectives.

only reason a company should embark on a national accounts program is
to obtain sales and market share that in total is profitable for the
company and meets the criteria of corporate strategic objectives.

The corporate objectives of the national accounts program may be outlined as follows:

o Develop a national presence in the marketplace

o Enhance the company image and credibility

o Develop impressive client references

o Support growth with preferred vendors

o Create synergy with the corporate mission statement

o Rebalance the shift of power and profitability in the national account program

of the core problems facing many national accounts programs is the need
to overlay a centralized sales function on an established decentralized
sales force. In the past, your processes and systems may not have
enabled customers, prospects, or even your own field sales
representatives to make informed, favorable decisions.

How Do We Get Started?

Step 1: Define the Players

Clearly define independent responsibilities of each player contributing to the success of the national accounts program.

Director of National Accounts

o Serves as liaison with national account at corporate level.

o Approves and helps establish “Rules of Engagement.”

o Provides support to local management.

o Monitors the activity between national account representatives and local branches.

o Determines qualification criteria. Reviews qualification process.

National Account Manager

o Supports/initiates implementation of national account program.

o Calls on national account corporate purchasing.

o Responds to issues and requests from the customer and company personnel.

o Meets and interacts with your customers’ top decision makers.

o Helps customers, even in areas unrelated to company products and service.

o Communicates effectively with local branch management and local account representatives.

Branch Manager

o Manages activity of local account representatives.

o Supports both corporate and local national account sales efforts

o Monitors national account activity, service level, and provides guidance to local account representative

o Reports progress.

o Interacts with Director of National Accounts on any and all national account issues.

Local Account Manager

o Manages consigned inventory

o Grows sales of non-contract items

o Interacts with national account manager

o Services account according to contract rules of engagement

o Provides Branch Manager with monthly status report.

Step 2: "The Tiger Team"

tiger team is a select group of top-level employees, selected by
executive management, who are committed to the objective of refining the
development of the national accounts program. This team consists of the
following personnel:

o Director of National Accounts

o Several national account representatives

o A regional manager

o Several local sales representatives

The tiger team should be split into two groups:

Group 1: Director of National Accounts

Several national account representatives

Group 2: Regional manager

Several local account representatives

a two-day retreat as the setting, each group will separately establish
the following during the first day: (This is a brainstorming session
designed to cover any and all ideas.)

o Measurement criteria for individuals and accounts

o Priorities

o Action items

o Accountability

o Objectives

o Rules and responsibilities of all players

the second day, the groups will merge and compare notes to establish a
united refinement plan to go forward. This documented plan will be
submitted to executive management for approval. Upon approval, it is
highly recommended that the intent and objectives of the program be
properly communicated to all employees. (E-mail [email protected] to get a sample national accounts program communication message.)

Then, a six-month audit should be conducted to follow-up on progress
and action items. This should ensure the program is progressing and
that objectives are met. (E-mail [email protected] if you would like a suggested listing of qualification procedures.)

Step 3: Communication

Establish communication processes and trust-building techniques for existing and prospective national accounts. Tips include:

o The sharing of relevant information will begin the trust building process. The company should take the lead.

The beginning dialogue should focus on the long-term strategic
initiatives of the respective companies. Understanding each other's
drivers, challenges and strategies will build the foundation for future

o The customer needs analysis and account planning process are excellent vehicles to build trust and open communication.

Customer and supplier executive interaction fosters trust and will have
a cascading effect, driving both organizations toward more effective

o The data and information to be shared should be
identified in a cooperative environment. The focus should be on
information that will lead to improvement and efficiencies for both the
customer and the company.

o The capture, storage, retrieval and
communication of information to be shared must be considered when
building the infrastructure systems.

o The customer and your company's national and local representation must develop the rollout plan jointly.

o Internal champions/coordinators of the rollout process must be identified and positioned by both the customer and the company.

The plan should be developed and implemented using a team "project"
approach. The ongoing monitoring and controlling activities should then
be transitioned to others within the respective organizations.

o The rollout plan should address cultural, functional and training issues for both organizations.

The infrastructure system should have the ability to report
information that is crucial to monitoring and controlling the ongoing
application of these services.

Track the Process on the Web

greatly enhances the communication process if national accounts
programs are tracked on the web. As Akarin Weatherford, Chief Technology
Officer of CEO Strategist LLC points out, this creates great
opportunities to increase effectiveness within the organization:

Communication channels widen as web application is leveraged to support
the account management process. Collaborative tools allow managers,
sales persons and account representatives to adequately share
information between themselves about accounts.

o Managers can
track and view the progress of sales persons and account representatives
from anywhere with near 24x7 availability using a standard web browser
from any PC or laptop connected to the Internet.

o A centralized
web site to track the milestones within this process means that managers
can capture a real-time picture of what is going on with the entire
account management process and each individual account in order to make
appropriate critical business decisions.

o Accountability and
traceability for each manager and sales representative are established
since all actions performed on a customer's account are recorded by the
web site.

Because of the distributed nature of national and local
accounts, the best way to manage this process is through a web-based
application. This means the following:

o No Need to Buy Special
Computers or Software - Most managers, sales persons, and account
representatives will already have what they need to participate:
laptop/PC, web browser, and local internet service, meaning no long
distance access charges (through AOL, Road Runner, AT&T, etc.).

Information Technology Overhead Can be Cut - Maintain one software
application at one location (on the server) rather than many software
applications in many branch locations (on individual computers). If
there are any updates to the web site, it occurs in one place and is
automatically distributed to managers, sales persons, and account
representatives the next time they connect to the site. You can shrink
the IT staffing because the necessary support coverage is less.


motivation and process for developing a national account program have
now been outlined. As you go forward, remember these elements that will
be critical to the program's success:

o Gather All Input - A
national accounts program involves many participants. It is not
something you do to get customers. It is something you do with major
national chains. The most successful national accounts programs have
included executive and corporate input in combination with branch and
local input. Most importantly, however, is the input of the customers
themselves in the planning, implementation and measurement stage.

Focus on the Process and Communicate Well - In a national accounts
program the old clich´┐Ż, "the plan is the sale" and "the sale is the
plan" is clearly applicable. What is presented and sold to the national
accounts are not only the results, but the process used to accomplish
those results. Products, services, results, measurement and follow-up
are individual elements in the national accounts program that guide and
direct the process of the transactions and the relationship.

Involve the Team - National accounts planning must be a team project.
The program and the transactions it encompasses have to become the
product of the company and each individual national account, including
local account managers, branch managers and the national accounts team.
Involvement of the executive staff is also critical to success.

Build Measurement and Accountability into the Process - The measured
results become benchmarks that are established in the plan. A national
accounts program without measurement and accountability is deficient. Of
course, two primary measurements are (1) profitability and (2) success
in selling non-contract products. Other milestones may include
geographic penetration, growth and product replacement.

Understanding Forex Trading – Forex Account Managers

A Forex account manager is a professional trader who trades on behalf of the owner of a Forex account for a salary or a percentage share of the profits. A Forex account manager is usually given authorization by the account owner to place trades in his or her trading account without his or her intervention. It is of essence to note that the permissions of the account manager are restricted to trading only. The account manager is not authorized to deposit any extra capital to the account or make withdrawals from the account.

Not every trader can qualify to be a Forex account manager. It needs a lot of experience in the operations of the Forex market to qualify for this role. Importantly, an account manager should practice the right money management rules and proper risk level when trading currencies. Therefore, it is essential that you do not entrust your money with anyone that brags of huge profits on a Forex managed account history. This is because most of the so-called Forex account managers are fraudsters who post fake two or three months trading history when they were realizing huge profits because they were trading with high risk and they were not practicing proper money management.

In addition, because of the dynamic nature of the Forex market, past results are usually not indicative of future results. This is the hard reality of Forex trading. Thus, you should not throw your hard-earned cash to any Forex account manager you find promoting his or her services with flashy banners. Beware!

Most people prefer to entrust their accounts to Forex account managers because they lack the experience and the necessary skills to invest in the Forex market. Other people claim that they are prone to emotional extremes and thus they like to entrust their funds with an account manager in order to overcome this problem. Inadequate time to study and analyze the conditions of the market is another reason why some people opt for account managers.

However, the problem with these viewpoints is that they rob someone the priceless knowledge and experience gained by studying how to trade currencies. Most people do not like educating themselves on how the Forex market works and they end up entrusting their hard-earned cash to account managers who blow their accounts in a matter of days. In the end, the only way of succeeding in the business of trading currencies is to be knowledgeable, develop a profitable strategy through adequate practice, and maintain discipline regardless of the market conditions.

Comparing 0 APR Credit Cards

With all the introductory 0 APR credit cards popping up all over the internet in emails, on websites as advertisements and even in the regular mail through flyers, it is very hard to decide which credit card company is really offering the better deal in the long run. The introductory offers all look great but what happens after they expire? Do not take the introductory offer for 0 APR credit cards at face value. Above all, do a bit of research before you make your decision.

There are so many different 0 APR credit cards being offered that you can become overwhelmed. Today, you can find several companies offering 0 APR credit cards and other incentives to get you to apply for their credit cards.

The four most popular offers today include:

Citi Platinum Select Card You must have excellent credit or you will not be approved for this 0 APR credit card. The card offers 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases for your first 12 months. There is no annual fee, you can manage your account online, and there is zero liability on unauthorized purchases.

Chase Platinum Credit Card – With the Chase Platinum credit card you can be approved for their 0 APR credit cards but you must have at least good credit. You’ll get 0% interest on all purchases and balance transfers for up to 12 months. However in some cases 3 months is all you get for 0% on balance transfers (your credit history comes into play). Regardless, you won’t have to pay an annual fee and you can also access your account online. Whether you qualify for 3 months or 12 months of 0% interest, you will be paying a competitively low APR after the introductory special.

Discover Platinum Card With this 0 APR credit card you will receive the 0% introductory special for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers, with no annual fee and 5% cashback on purchases made at certain stores such as bookstores, gasoline stations, and restaurants. You’ll also get 1% cashback on all other purchases and the cash rewards will never expire as long as you are a cardholder, and in some cases, you can even double your cashback bonuses. Keep in mind, that you will need to have excellent credit to qualify for this offer.

Blue from American Express is one of American Express’ 0 APR credit cards that will give you 0% for up to 15 months, no annual fee, a credit card reward program as well as online account access. Once again, you must have excellent credit to be approved.

This is the information that you will first see when you visit the websites for these card offers while you are searching for the best deal on 0 APR credit cards, however, you should never apply with this information only. Be sure to learn if any of the points or cashback options have expiration dates, and above all, always be sure to thoroughly investigate the card offer’s terms and conditions before applying.

ICT in Financial Inclusion, Taxation, Excise and Finance – Bhagwan G Patil

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