Month: November 2019

Branchless Banking The Financial Services Of The Future

There are some exciting and innovative times ahead for the banking industry. The world’s financial organisations always looking for new ways to offer customers the sophisticated levels of service they want while simultaneously cutting costs, and one exciting area of development is branchless banking.

Customers are already extremely familiar with the functionality on offer at the average ATM machine and a large proportion have also got to grips with all of the excellent services available through online and mobile banking. Now, there are engineers and inventors quietly working on ways to boost the brilliant services provided by these technologies, making it possible for people to find a full range of banking functions on offer from a computerised terminal.

There was once a time when such a proposition seemed unlikely to take off, but that was long before the days of self service checkouts at local supermarkets and swipe cards to get on and off public transport. As the world becomes increasingly technologized, a far greater portion of the population is highly computer literate and on the look out for all innovations that can help them better utilise their free time.

The convenience of branchless banking services is one of its major selling points. The ability to access financial details on the go or at a conveniently placed ATM machine rather than having to set time aside to visit a physical branch is something that greatly appeals to today’s time-poor workers. What’s more, the range of different online and computer facilitated services available means that there are a good range of options for people to choose from.

While some customers will always prefer the option of speaking to a teller, others welcome the anonymity of sorting out their finances at a fully functional ATM machine or paying bills via their phones. It’s up to banks to consider the needs of their far reaching customer bases and provide the most appropriate service for them all. As technology continues to grow, it is increasingly likely that more and more customers begin looking for branchless solutions for their banking needs.

Retail teller machines are huge development when it comes to the potential of branchless banking. These, unlike ATM machines, tend to be cashless, and are instead designed to talk customers through the various policies and services the bank offers in a no pressure environment. This will appeal to customers who want to learn about the products open to them, but who want to have plenty of time to consider their options as well as avoid a potential hard sell.

RTMs can already reduce queues and pressure in bank branches and the fact that they could be installed and maintained in areas where a full branch isn’t feasible means they’re sure to offer ever greater options to customers in the future. The further development of RTM and ATM software designed to simplify financial services will help make it increasingly easier for the average customer to get the information and services they need while also helping banks cut costs.

Home Loan The Best Way To Own A Dream Home

With roaring prices of property, it might seem difficult to many about owning a dream house where a complete family would live. But with new revised home loan policies by several financial institutes & private banks like ICICI & SBI, dream home can be converted to the real home. With home loan, a house where one can live peacefully can be owned and that too without much worry about money.

Home Loan is definitely beneficial but only when smarter decision is taken. There are several hidden clauses & various rules for financial & tax implications. Therefore, to ensure that the best home loan plan is availed, it is advisable to consult professional loan consultants. Their experience & knowledge helps in availing the best suited home loan with the suitable terms & conditions.

Anyhow, there are certain ICICI home loan & SBI home loans scheme that are designed as per the ease of the customers. These schemes can be remolded & customized as per the preference of the borrower.

Lets have a look at the benefits of the ICICI home loans:

Monthly savings can be utilized to form a corpus for the down payment that is required to buy the home
25% waiver on the processing fee for the home loan
Property alerts to identify dream home
Best-suited rate of interest
Different saving options like fixed deposit & recurring deposit

After ICICI Home Loans, it is better to have a look at some of the facilities & benefits of SBI Home Loans as well. So, below are some instances:

Different types:

SBI-Flexi Home Loans
SBI-Maxgain Home Loans
SBI-Realty Home Loans
SBI-Freedom Home Loans


Minimum age 18 years as on the date of sanction
Maximum age limit for a Home Loan borrower is fixed at 70 years, i.e. the age by which the loan should be fully repaid.


Concessional package under Credit Khazana for prospective Auto Loan, Student Loan, Personal Loan borrowers whose accounts are conducted satisfactorily
50% concession in charges in respect of all personal remittances/ collection of outstation cheques
Personal loan at attractive rates under SBI Home Plus scheme

These are just few factors to give a glimpse about the prevailing schemes. Rest; there are lots of other things that are important to know. To have a fair idea about them, you can login to the official websites of the leading private banks. There is an online facility that calculates the exact thing and gives the exact knowledge of all the queries related to the best home loan.

Payday loans no credit check – A blissful monetary solution

In this full of surprises life nothing is obtained in an easy manner. In fact, meeting day-to-day needs sometimes becomes a challenging task leave aside unexpected situations that crops-up unannounced. If you have been log jammed in the vicious circle of fiscal trouble then apply for payday loans no credit check. These loan facilities are planned for the residents of the United Kingdom so that they can cope with any type of emergency without difficulty. You can apply for this loan to pay house-rent, medical bills, grocery bills, kid’s educational needs or nay other requirement that crops-up unexpectedly.

These loan facilities are beneficial for the citizens of the United Kingdom who have an appalling credit record. Traditional mode of applying requires an applicant to undergo a stringent credit substantiation process which was the main cause of facing rejection. However, with this loan facility, a borrower does not have to undergo a credit checking procedure. This makes the entire procedure extremely easy for poor credit holders akin to bankruptcy, arrears, county court judgments, missed or late payments, insolvency, foreclosure and individual voluntary arrangements.

Borrowers can apply for this loan online to avoid hassles of standing in long-queues and waiting for the officer to sanction the application. By the time your loan application is sanctioned, the need for it is over. However, with online mode of application you can avail fast funds within a quick time. The funds would be transacted into your account within a few hours of submitting the application form. You can expend this cash the way you want without disclosing the purpose of taking the loan.

Payday loans no credit check are unsecured in nature, and hence can be availed by anyone who have nothing to place any valuable asset with the money-lender. No matter whether you have some property or not, you are entitled to enjoy the benefits of this amazing loan. With so many benefits to offer, this loan scheme has caught the fancy of loan seekers in the United Kingdom.

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Forex Price Movement – The Best Mathematical Formula For Profit

There are many theories that say that as human nature repeats, there is a law for market movement and if you know the law you can apply a mathematical theory and make money but which is the best? Let’s find out…

Popular theories are – the Fibonacci number sequence, Elliot Wave and Gann’s price and time. There are many others but the fact is none of them are scientific or mathematical.

The definition of a scientific law is that it works ALL of the time!

None of the above work all of the time and that means there not mathematical.

In fact there is no hidden law to market movement because you are dealing with probabilities not certainties.

Just like a good poker player, makes money trading high odds hands, the aim of the successful forex trader is to trade high odds trades.

People think that the appliance of mathematics can beat the market but if the market doesn’t obey any law then it’s doomed to failure and this leads to a simple fact about Forex trading which can lead you to success.

50 years ago – 95% of traders lost and the ratio of traders who lose today remains about the same.

This simple fact leads to a compelling conclusion.

If you think about it all the advances in news, forecasting and mathematical theories have not increased the number of winners and this means you need to – Keep it simple and success is dependant on something else!

Simplicity and Discipline the Keys to Success

Simple systems always work best in an odds based market as they have fewer elements to break than a complicated one.

Once you understand this you need to trade with discipline trading high odds trades and keeping losses small. You are as we said earlier trading the odds like a good poker player and its no wonder that some of the top traders in the world – were you guessed it, successful poker players!

Most traders like to think they can beat the market and avoid losses and see technology as the answer but as we have just proved it’s not the answer.

If you want to win at forex, think like a poker player rather than a mathematician and you will have a lot more success, as you will be trading the odds and that’s the way to win.

Are you Interested in Accounting

What ties all businesses together, no matter what they deal with? Accounting, of course it is literally the backbone of every business. Solid, professional accounting gives a business a clear image of where it is at this moment, and lets the financial managers make informed choices on the future of the business. Accounting is also a profession that dates back literally thousands of years. Evidence of accounting procedures even date back as far as the days of the Pharaohs and Ancient Egypt.

The root of accounting actually is bookkeeping, no real surprise there, though many people do not think about it much. What a bookkeeper does is track all of the money that the business handles, both incoming and outgoing. A bookkeeper ensures that the books are balanced properly, and the records are clear and in order. A bookkeeper also handles information regarding payroll, bank statements, ledgers, and even information regarding real estate and investments the company itself has.

Another aspect of accounting is auditing, which protects the employees, owners, and investors of a company from any sort of accounting fraud or mistake. An audit is usually performed by an outside company to maintain a lack of bias. What an accountant does during an audit is go through all of the financial records of the company, including the ledgers, to figure out an accurate financial picture of the company. If the ledgers the company holds do not match the bank statements, then the accountant realizes that there is something wrong and it is their job to figure out what. Sometimes this means discovering that someone has been helping themselves to company funds, but other times can just be correcting a harmless error.

Yet another part of being an accountant is compiling and analyzing the company’s financial situation, and creating reports based on this to be distributed throughout the company. With these statements, along with personal dealings, the accountant can give recommendations on investments, if the company can afford the direction it desires to go in, and more. Part of this also includes reporting to various government agencies.

So, how many accountants does one company have? It depends on the company, no surprise there. Most of the time, the main accountants are certified public accountants, who have to pass a test given to them by the state in order to work as an accountant. A business will often also employee bookkeepers, and the accountants can oversee accounting training. Most of the time, a single accountant will oversee the entire department and this role is vital to the company, as this is usually the person that meets with investors as well as the companies head, and is responsible if anything goes wrong.