Month: December 2019

Ema Forex Strategy That Is Very Simple And Easy To Master!

As a new forex trader, what you need is to find a simple forex strategy and master it on your demo account. Once, you have mastered it on your demo account, you can trade live with that forex strategy. In the beginning don’t look for a complex forex strategy. 200 EMA Forex Strategy is very simple and can be easily mastered. 200 Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is one of the most widely used indicators in forex trading.

In order to use the 200 EMA Forex Strategy open the 4 hour, 1 hour and the 15 minute charts on your MT4 Platform. Now plot the 200 EMA on these 3 charts and color it red.

Tile the 4 hour, 1 hour and the 15 minutes charts on your screen vertically so that you can view all three with ease at one glance. Now, scan the different currency pairs like the EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDAUD, USDNZD, USDCHF or whatever you want to trade on these three charts.

What you are looking for is a currency pair that bucks the trend on the 15 Minute Chart. Now, if the price is well above the 200 EMA on the 4 hour chart, it is well above the 200 EMA on the 1 hour chart but it is below the 200 EMA on the 15 minute chart, you have found the pair that is bucking the trend on the 15 minute chart. Suppose, this is the USD/JPY pair.

What this means is that the overall trend is up but the pair is temporarily going against the trend on the 15 minute chart and is currently in a retracement.

Search for a suitable entry point by looking for a candle signal like a hanging man or a hammer. For example, a hammer marks the reversal off a bottom or off a support level. When you see the hammer, it means a good signal for making a long entry into the trade. Appearance of a hammer is a signal that the price action has exhausted its downward momentum and is about to resume its upward momentum. Similarly, when you see a hanging man, it is time to sell. You can identify these entry and exit point with other candlestick patterns too!

With a little practice on your demo account, you will be able to master this very simple 200 EMA Forex Strategy and realize how powerful it is. You will be able to find the suitable currency pair that is bucking the trend on the 15 minutes chart within a few minutes after a little practice.

In short, what you will be doing is to find a currency pair that is bucking the overall trend on the 15 minutes chart in this 200 EMA Forex Strategy.

Grab Best Gold Loans Plans In India

Grab the best gold loans in India within 24 hours with ease. Yes, it is feasible now to avail the low interest gold finance from any of the loan providing companies in India. Besides it, you are also getting privilege to grab loan against gold from any of the Indian banks.

Gold is a precious metal which is in high demand these days. Most of the people like to use gold in the form jewelries or other gold items. But the market value of this metal is touching the sky day by day. However, it is going to be very difficult for a common person to purchase the costly gold jewelries or other items under the limited salary. In this condition, you may have to apply for gold loan from any of the loan providing companies in India. If you are seeking for the best gold finance providing company, you need to rush to any of the Indian banks which are offering loans at low rate of interest.

India is a hub of varied loan providing companies which have offered you finance at the low rate of interest. Some of the highly acclaimed gold finance providing firms are Kosamattam finance (P) Ltd, Manappuram finance, Muthoot finance Ltd etc. All these banks have come with the profitable loan plans for all finance seekers. However, it is convenient to apply for gold loans in india from any of the popular finance providing company with ease. The loan amount can be sanctioned in your banks account as soon as possible after applying.

The latest loan offer is loan against gold plan. Under this plan, you can easily avail the finance against your gold jewelries or other items. However, the borrower has privilege to grab the cash against the gold in short span of time. You need to apply for the loan and lender will transfer the amount in your banks account within 24 hours. However, the borrower can easily manage to gain the worth of gold stored in the banks lockers or home.

Overseas loan seekers can have privilege to apply for gold loan through the website of Indian banks. You just need to fill the form online and cash will be transferred in your banks account as soon as possible. However, this kind of online service is beneficial for all finance consumers and also save time and money. You can also compare the best loan plans on the website of Indian banks. On the website of Indian banks, you can also grab the information about varied types of loans like home loan, personal loans, credit card loan, education loan etc. These types of finances are also available at the low rate of interest from India banks. You can apply for any kind of finance through the website of Indian banks.

Go for the best gold loan plan of India banks and accomplish the dream to purchase the costly gold jewelries or other gold items with ease.

Banking Graduate Schemes & Internships The New Way

To secure a Graduate Role Or Internship In Banking And Finance Right Now, you will need to be at doing things differently to everybody else.

Right now, I see so much opportunity, in fact, unparalleled in comparison, but with as much frustration from people that are still doing things with old strategies.

I would like to give you an insight into offer attracting strategy.

I’ve been testing over the last few months on some of my private clients.

I think it is worth defining a strategy right now.

I’ve titled this article deliberately because words are powerful things and the way that you word things, especially on your CV’s, the way that you describe yourself at interview and in applications can be the difference between success and failure in Banking Graduate Schemes and Internships.

I’ve called this article ‘The art of offer attracting in banking and finance’ deliberately because offer attraction is the new way to secure careers in banking and finance.

Application is the old way.

Application is an old strategy, which is growing less and less effective. I’d like you to know that whatever result you are achieving in any aspect of your life right now, it is a function of two things.

One, your beliefs, and that’s not what this article is about.

Two is your strategy.

What I mean by strategy is that every single outcome and result you currently have, has a step by step set of actions that one can take in order to achieve the same result.

Many people don’t think of results like this, but for example, having a great relationship is a strategy.

There’s a step by step set of actions that one must take in order to have a great relationship

Being happy is a strategy.

That’s physiological and psychological states that one can tap into at any time.

Also, getting rejected from Banking and Finance Graduate Schemes is a strategy.

Wealth is definitely a strategy.

Wealth is a step by step set of actions that one can take in order to have complete abundance or complete scarcity, and a lot of people struggle with this one as well.

So what I would like for you to know is that anything that has been achieved is as a result of somebody’s strategy and you can compress decades into hours, minutes in some cases, by just finding those that have achieved the result you want and getting into the in-depths of the psychological and strategic strategy that they’re following.

Right now, people are receiving multiple offers in banking and finance as a result of the psychological and strategic strategy that they’re following. The goal of this article is to make you think what the exact strategy is that you are using.

And could this be the reason you may not be securing your ideal career in Banking and Finance, rather than just the tough market?

Have it be known, if your strategy is to distinguish yourself by achieving high academic results, doing an MBA and a Masters and then applying online for graduate schemes, you are doing things the old way, like the other tens of thousands of students and graduates experiencing hard times right now.

I would like to show you a new way, one that gets results right now…

Simon Dixon

Tips for purchasing best accounting software like QuickBooks software and Peachtree Accounting

If you have installed accounting software like QuickBooks software or Peachtree Accounting for your business, you can simply sit back and relax, while all the accounting activities would be skillfully taken care of. Irrespective of the large or small size of the business, the best accounting software like Sage Software can help you to invest your time and skills for doing better things rather than managing accounts.

If you have been inspired by the thought of installing Sage Software or any other accounting software, then this is the right time to go ahead. There are many companies in the IT market that boast of selling the most effective and efficient accounting software at the most affordable prices. But before you purchase any such software, it is important to consider the following points.

Choose the right product

You must select the most appropriate accounting software for your organization depending on the size of your company and your requirements. You can choose from Peachtree Accounting, QuickBooks software or Sage Software that are know for delivering excellent results. To make your job easy popular software Solutions Company like A2R Solutions provides custom-made software for different industries like construction, manufacturing, distribution and non-profit organizations.

Cost Effectiveness

After you have decided which particular accounting software you would like to install for your business, you can look for the price tags of different companies. Ideally you should shop around a bit comparing the prices quoted by the different software companies, as price can vary greatly for exactly the same product.

Ensure that all your requirements would me met

The accounting software products like QuickBooks software and Peachtree Accounting are so vast and diversified. Hence you need to ensure that your entire accounting requirement would be met. These softwares are available in several versions hence make sure that you are going for the right product that would have all the features you require. The major differences are usually – number of reports available, inventory management capability and number of users allowed.

Invest in good brands

As there are numerous IT companies that are selling software products, so the options are unlimited for you. Don’t get confused amidst so many options. Purchase your software from a reputed firm that will guarantee accurate outcomes and good after-sales-services.

Easy to operate

One of the most important things to consider before buying accounting software is to ensure that it is easy to operate. If you end up buying a product, which requires complex commands and expert handling, then it not worth the money as you will have to appoint an experienced person to handle it. Rather you can simply check the usage of the software before buying to ensure that it will not require much time and intelligence. Get the person who will be ultimately operating the software to test it.A2Rsolutions is one of the leading Peachtree Accounting , and Sage Software companies providing its quality services in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Middle East and the entire GCC. To Know more about IT and QuickBooks software, please visit:

How Process Automation Has Revolutionized the Banking World in the 21st Century

In today’s world, the consumer is the key to the success of any business. This is applicable even in case of Banking. In a world of smart computing, customers can make or break the operations of a bank with just one delay in processing to their request. Hence, today banks regard customer service and satisfaction as the top priority item in their business goals.

What directly influences customer service is a banks internal operations. This includes the experience at the front office and the back office processes that enable quick delivery of solution to customer requests. AWPL’s banking solutions enable banks to imbibe efficiency into their front and back office operations through solutions that automate and increase efficiency of the core business lines such as account opening, loans etc. Futher, with banking software on cloud AWPL provides enterprises easy to use and cost-effective options to invest in technology. Some of the major benefits the banking software has brought to the industry include:de:


With the advent of technology, AWPL has harnessed the latest trends in document capture and management by providing banks software solutions to digitize the way in which customer documents are maintained.


Banks adopting process automation have always been ahead in the race of processing and delivering customer requests. This is purely because custom banking process automation software enables banks to capture, track and complete tasks faster than those that rely on manual processing.


AWPL’s banking software both on cloud and in-premise provides dashboards and screen where one can control and monitor various elements in the processing chain that influence business goals. Tasks that come into the bank are automatically distributed between employees. Further, each employee will gain access to a different set of tools and configuration options to help him or her perform tasks in the most time-saving and effective way. Senior management that use the banking software will be able to monitor factors that influence businesses efficiency and this continuously improve the processes to keep it aligned with ever changing business goals.