Month: April 2020

Vb Net Pos Accounting Source Code

VB Net POS Accounting Source code combines the flexibility of VB dot Net and the power of Visual Studio to provide highly customizable and fast extensible function. The source code itself will provide the base ground for another retail application to integrate POS features into their own software. Some of the benefit listed below:

Benefit #1 – Developer can integrate POS feature to their application within days.
With access to source code, developer can choose to modify the integration interface or just some call to the database server and automate the exchange data process, tightly integrated into existing application framework.

Benefit #2 – Software vendor can re-brand the system.
One of the biggest benefits of royalty free Source code is able to re-brand the product and claim the features to their own brand. End user will have no idea they are using a standard POS provided by another vendor.

Benefit #3 – Rapid Application Development Coding.
Some source code vendor utilizing Visual Studio newest RAD tools – Dataset designer to map business rules in the visual way, decrease the needs to code everything manually. Faster delivery time to market.

Benefit #4 – Leverage the Power of SQL.
Powerful SQL database is now free and available at the finger tips of developer, why still rely on file base when you can have all the benefit of true SQL database?

Benefit #5 – Small Update and Installation footprint.
Most Windows comes with dot net, this will allow software vendors to distribute only core components, updates will be very small and available to be download even with dial-up connection.

These are just 5 of the most common benefits, there still many features such as cross platform interface and web base ready user interface! Now is the time to move from existing VB 6 coding to dot the net platform.

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Administrative Assistant And Accounting Courses To Boost Your Office Career

Rather than taking the time to start a completely new program, individual classes can give you valuable career skills to build on your experience, to advance or to make a career change. If your goal is achievement in an office, then the keys to success lie in two different streams of study, administrative assistant courses and accounting courses. The former will give you general, universally applicable office skills, while the latter prepares you for many different roles within business and non-profit organizations, while both are usually available on a part-time basis, compatible with work and family commitments.

Why Administrative Assistant?

Even if you arent remotely interested in secretarial work, administrative assistant courses cover more than just training you as an executive or office assistant. You will become a power user with Word processing, email and spreadsheet software, understanding all the features and how to best use them efficiently. Your keyboarding and other computer skills will improve, indispensable in todays office, and youll refine your business protocol knowledge and your writing and communication ability. Furthermore, many companies save money by cutting administrative roles, so by necessity you may need to learn to become your own administrator. Since administrative assistant courses are also widely available, if youre looking for a computer skills upgrade or to advance to a more managerial role, these classes will give you more professional polish.

Why Accounting?

Accounting courses cover topics as broad as payroll and budgeting software, to tax law and the basics of the worlds financial system. As well as opening up positions with payroll departments and accounts receivable and payable, looking for accounting schools in your area can be the first step to getting a better understanding of your companys bottom line. Youll understand financial documents and get a better understanding of the expenses your company has. It will also help you create and submit your own budget for projects you may be in charge of, strengthening your professional image as a competent manager. Lastly, as companies trim down workers, being able to take over in multiple fields will help give you job security and make you more flexible.

As the master of your own career, regardless if you pick an administrative assistant course, accounting course or something from a completely different faculty, continuous training will be a reality in your future success. Taking individual classes will also be a good way of demonstrating your commitment and work ethic, showcasing your ambition and ability to plan and succeed at your goals while making your resume stand out. It will also let you network outside your industry, by introducing you to people outside your field that may become lifetime contacts and gives you access to your schools resources as an alumni. This can help in unexpected ways, from counselling services to job finding help, all included in the cost of your tuition.

Money Matters – Leading Financial Services Company

Money Matters Financial Services Ltd. – One of the fastest growing Financial Company in India, was established in 1997, by Mr. Rajesh Sharma. Money Matters Financial Services Ltd. is a Non Banking Financial Services Company (NBFC) and is categorized as a non-deposit taking systemically important i.e. (ND-SI) NBFC as declared by Reserve Bank of India.

Money Matters Financial Services Limited was started in Mumbai with the help of his determination and gifted core values of excellence, integrity, passion, knowledge and distinctiveness. Rajesh Sharmas Money Matters has grown up to a whooping net worth of Rs. 750 Crore.

Money Matters Financial Services Ltd. provides services in debt syndication, debt placement and financial restructuring. They also provide other services like investment banking and corporate finance advisory, private equity funding and equity broking for high net worth individuals and organization. Money Matters is involved with the projects like Real Estate, Power, Telecom, Hospitality, Retail and Financial Services. With the corporate giant like TATA Group, Birla Group, Reliance ADAG, Adani Group, Jindal group, Future Group, Bharat Forge and DLF.
Money Matters Financial Services Ltd. believes in building the long term relation with clients by providing services at their doorsteps.

Money Matters Financial Services Ltd. successfully completed QIP placements in 2010 and raised Rs. 445 Crore to meet the funding requirement and capital expenditure for proposed asset financing business to the house products such as bridge Financing, Corporate Loan/ Project Financing structured Product Funding, Pre- IPO Financing etc. to the corporate industries. The house has corporate lending fund of total Rs. 330 crore till Feb, 2012 which is a huge jump in terms of growth. By looking at the above stats and milestones achieved we can say that Money Matters have surpassed all the bars and grown. Credit for this goes to none other than Rajesh Sharma and his fellow associates who dreamt of building Money Matters as one of the most renowned financial firm in India.

Rajesh Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director, Money Matters Financial Services Ltd. is a Chartered Accountant who brought Money Matters to such a height today that now its competing with leading financial firms today.

Dealing With Debt Information Gathering, the First Step

When you are in credit debt, the world can seem like a hopeless and cheerless place. Everything revolves around paying that debt, how you are going to pay that debt, or worrying about the consequences of not paying your debts.

These are very tough economic times, and they are going to get tougher still. It is time to start checking on debt consolidation information and get your bills paid now.

You do not know what tomorrow will bring and it is important that you prepare yourself for tougher times by saving money. Until you get all of your debts paid off, this is not going to be possible, and you will be unable to prepare for times that are more difficult.

If you are wondering what options that you could possibly have, you should begin by collecting debt consolidation information off the Internet. You will learn that there are things that you can do immediately to improve your situation. To begin with, you need to determine if you want to consolidate your debt.

This can be done one of two ways, through credit card consolidation loans, or through credit counseling services. Both are legitimate ways to consolidate your debt, however, a loan may not be the answer for two reasons; the first is that you may not be able to get a loan because you have too much debt already. In addition, if you have anything less than stellar credit, most banks will not help you in these difficult times. If you do not meet the criteria to consolidate credit card debt via a loan, then perhaps you should get debt consolidation information on credit counseling services. These are services that provide you with two things; a way to make your debt more manageable and counseling to help you live within your means in the future. Both of these go hand and hand for a debt free future.

Debt consolidation information will show you that making the choice to become debt free will relieve a great deal of stress from you mind. Paying off a bill can feel much like Christmas or the Fourth of July. There is just something special about getting out of debt, and doing it without accruing more debt is even better. Take the time to gather debt consolidation information and make the decision for yourself to take your fist steps towards becoming debt free. Do not wait another day; reduce your stress today by taking your life into your own hands.

If you are under financial pressure and are struggling to see a way out, why not check out this SECRET INFORMATION that the banks do not want you to know about because it could have you debt Free in as little as THREE YEARS! DebtFreein3 Break Free from Debt

Banking Firm Jacobson Group Net Added New Professionals

Jacobson Group ( is one of New York’s most prominent investment banking firms serving middle-market companies, recording several’s successful transactions in 20 years of service. Founded in 1989 in New York. Today, Jacobson Group has over fifty professionals to serve you.

Having no direct lending sources or investment capital affiliates, Jacobson Group provides unbiased guidance and an extensive range of services for middle-market companies planning to sell a company, buy a company or in need of capital resources. We represent only one side, your side. Imagine the advantage of tapping into the expert skills of a Jacobson Group Principal who knows both sides of a deal.
An important ingredient in the success of Jacobson Group is our offering personalized service to complete complex transactions. This is evident in our organizational structure: it is purposefully flat. Principals, supported by regional teams, and industry practice groups, work directly with clients to provide expert guidance from project inception to completion. There is no “hand-off” to a junior team; you can count on the advice of a Jacobson Group senior professional throughout your engagement.

Selling middle-market sized companies is always a challenge. Over its 50 year history, Jacobson Group has refined its processes to protect the confidentiality of the seller yet reach out to a huge “rolodex” of interested buyers in Europe and Canada. We tame the inherent complexity that is the nature of mergers, acquisitions and securing capital resources.

In today’s complex and evolving financial markets, we remove the burden of exploring specialized transactions. You and your senior management will focus valuable time on growing your company with a Jacobson Group expert on your team. Don’t enter a complex financial transaction without the best representation. Contact your local Jacobson Group Principal and start the process now.

About Jacobson Group Net, New York, USA
Jacobson Group is one of the oldest and largest middle market investment banking firms in New York. Jacobson Group helps owners of privately held companies navigate the complex process of selling your business, buying a company or financing a company while working relentlessly towards maximizing the after-tax value of each transaction. To ensure unbiased service to our clients, we’ve made a unique commitment to remain fully independent with no direct lending sources or investment capital affiliates.