Month: August 2020

Consumers Could Pay More if the European Commission Caps Credit Card Fees

The European Commission (EU) has threatened to cap the credit card processing charges that banks impose on businesses and shops. In turn, the banks have threatened to add higher fees and other charges onto cards used by consumers. When it all finally boils down, it’s likely that UK households will take another hit in their billfolds.

As it stands now, credit cards like MasterCard and Visa charge businesses a 0.9 percent charge on all credit card purchases. This credit card fee costs businesses 850 million annually. The charge in debit cards is 0.2 percent. The EU wants to set a flat service charge fee of 0.3 percent.

On further examination, this matter gets more complex. The fees that businesses pay to banks are known as interchange fees. These fees cover the bank’s costs of processing credit card transactions such as fraud insurance and administration. Shops and businesses give banks different interchange fees based on size. Big retailers generating tons of sales tend to pay a smaller interchange fee. A mom and pop store will pay a larger interchange fee. These fees can vary from 2.5 to 0.1 percent.

The European Commission (EC) estimates that this fee payment market has a value of 112 billion. The EC is laying out the argument that the credit card sector is expensive and fragmented. Retailers tend to agree with the EC opinion. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has been hammering the EC for a decade to end what it calls excessive and anti-competitive fees for processing credit cards. The BRC argues that consumers will benefit via lower prices if the fees are capped. At present, retailers eat these fees and charge them back into the business.

“We’re delighted with this landmark proposal,” said Helen Dickinson, the BRC director. “Capping these excessive and anti-competitive fees will support the UK retail industry by 362 million a year, boosting the industry’s ability to invest and innovate while continuing to deliver lower prices and value for customers,” Dickinson added in an interview at Daily Mail.

MasterCard Europe contends that if this EC cap goes through, consumers will be hit with a 25 annual fee per credit card. Marion King, president of MasterCard, warned that lower fees will result in less income for issuing banks, and that will force banks to charge consumers for using cards.

The EC fee proposal will force credit card companies to separate their payment card schemes from the business division that processes transactions. Essentially, this would destroy the current credit card model. The Financial Times (FT) describes this matter as the final battle in the long war between EU bureaucrats and payment providers. The Commission proposal calls for a 0.2 percent cap on debit transactions. Credit card fees would be capped at 0.3 percent. The EC estimates that EU debit card fees will be cut to 2.5 billion from 4.8 billion. Credit card fees will tumble to 3.5 billion from 5.7 billion.

How to Get Relief From Student Loan Debt

Student debt relief involves various ways through which individuals who have been beneficiaries of student loan programs can be exempted from paying back the loan. Education is expensive; this is why student loan programs are running all over the country to help many of the individuals who cannot afford self sponsorship to pay for school. However, most of these loans are required to be repaid once the student completes their education. Here in Miami, student loan debt relief can be achieved in a number of ways if you are unable to repay your loans.

First of all it is important to know which loans are eligible for student loan debt relief. You can get the help of a student loan lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to get through the debt relief process. Generally, federally controlled loans are the types of student loans from which one can get debt relief. Federal student loans such as Federal Direct Plus loans, direct consolidation loan, and Stafford Loans are eligible for debt relief.

If you have any other kind of federal student loan, a lawyer can help you to convert your loan to direct consolidation loans before you can get debt relief. This is because the provisions for such borrowers have not been established so it would be difficult to get relief from such debts without converting them.

Relief from student loan debt can be granted for public service. That is, individuals who take up employment in the public and non-profit sectors such as policemen, teachers and firemen can get relief from student loans. There is a minimum working period of ten years for any of these debts to be cleared. Consult with a to find out if your employment area is eligible for this program.

Income based loan relief programs require one to meet a certain number of requirements before the debt is forgiven. Generally, paying back student loans based on what you earn may reduce the monthly payments but also slows down the repayment process and leads to accruing of more interest. To participate in this program you have to understand which qualifications you must meet.

You should also speak to an attorney about the tax implications of loan or debt forgiveness. In some scenarios, your debt will be forgiven but you will be required to pay the taxable portion of the debt.

Foreign Exchange Training How To Learn A Forex Quote

Pleasure your stop point as if it is written wearing stone. You ought to come up with stop point that you won’t ever move. Remember why you use a stop time in the first place. You’ll only lose by trying this. binary options strategies

The person don’t trade in gives up or bonds, but from currency, when you commerce on the forex. Simply put, Forex stock trading is just the purchase of one money and consequently the selling of a. You possibly make possibly lose money, as convert rates move down and up.

Making a rash decision at the last minute may result in your loses thriving more than they would certainly have otherwise. Become successful by using the particular plan.

The bottom line is to wait and determine whether the trend continues an excellent period of profit finding is over. Whether it does you can partly jump on board and additionally enter a position inside of same direction as original frustration price trend.

As well as this understanding, it is certainly not difficult to realize why the value involved with the US dollar maintains dropped so much lately. This is predominantly due to a night rocketing federal deficit, your current lack of the current administration’s desire to cut short the federal deficit, tremendous government growth, the fed’s high level of assets printing, a slow property market, a decrease across the President Obama’s popularity, and a current unfortunate economy which includes really high unemployment, all involved with which were previously described. Investors outside that this United States are on the lookout at the US dollar bill as to risky, this also results in a decrease in demand for generally US dollar, and a major drop in it’s value.

The minimum investment required for Trading forex is much lower than that required in utilizing real estate and money markets. There one more no lock-up period and time-limit to how long-term the funds must remain in the forex report and withdrawals of funds can be processed in the investor’s discretion. Another benefit to having a managed forex account is having the capacity to oversee all the transactions and trading activity on his or her account, enabling the investor to learn and/or keep track of forex trading. binary options reviews

Currency exchange Fund Manager offers High-return Forex investing and professional management. The imperative objective of Forex Advance Manager is to strengthen capital growth while addressing risks. To achieve that we have engineered our proprietary trading approach that is used merely forex professionals in intraday trading. And this time it is available so that you public.

Breeze A Richer Mobile Banking Experience

Today, mobile banking is without doubt the latest and greatest technology, product, and service currently being offered through various financial institutions. However, one bank has actually pioneered features, making this a time for Standard Chartered Bank to shine. This banks version of a mobile banking application is truly unique, one built on a philosophy of providing what bank customers want.

The majority of other banks who have entered the mobile banking market have focused design and development of mobile banking applications on what they think customers want or what they feel the customers should have. Obviously, to build a strong base of loyal customers, banks have to provide products and services that offer real value. When customers see their voices have been heard and opinions listened to, these customers remain extremely loyal.

For any relationship to work between a bank and its customers, a level of trust and respect must exist. These two components are critical to success for both parties. With Standard Chartered Bank, executives and employees alike have taken every necessary step to offer customers solutions to make life easier, which is apparent in the new and revolutionary mobile banking solution known as Breeze.

When looking at mobile banking solutions offered through other banks, it is common to see that features plateau, even though the type of features may be quite different. However, with Breeze, conventional and revolutionary features have been taken to the next level, for the better. As a result, personal and business customers of Standard Chartered Bank enjoy a much richer experience overall, whether using online or Breeze mobile banking services.

A prime example would be in the way that other banks allow customers to view and transfer money using mobile banking. Typically, these two services are very basic and by providing features with limitations, the customers are shorted. For instance, if a Customer wanted to complete a task or transaction other than viewing an account or transferring money, additional applications through the banks website or through the mobile banking medium would have to be opened.

Let us say that a customer with a different bank wanted to look at the balance in a checking account, but also pay a bill, redeem earned points, or even report a lost or stolen credit card. To accomplish this, one application would need to be manipulated for view the account and another application for the second task. From this customers perspective, it does not appear as if the bank cared much about the effort and time involved to manage money online or via mobile banking.

Obviously, this type of process creates tremendous frustration, which often leads to bank disloyalty. At Standard Chartered Bank, the number one goal beyond anything else is to provide every customer with a smooth and professional experience. For this reason, whether managing accounts online or through Breeze mobile banking, tasks and transactions have been simplified but without sacrificing any of the power.

In addition to happy customers remaining loyal, the online services through Standard Chartered Bank and mobile banking services through Breeze provide an opportunity for other people to hear how great this bank and its products/services are through word of mouth.

The Best 5 Colleges and Universities for Accounting

Forensic accounting has been playing an important role in stopping white collar crimes. As the popularity of forensic accountants keeps increasing, a forensic accountant has been chosen as one of the “20 hot job tracks of the future” by United States News & World Report. There are many universities that are offering this particular degree course.

Top 5 Forensic Accounting Schools in the USA

1. The Florida Atlantic School of Accounting: This is the fastest expanding state university with a track record of producing the highest passing rate in all CPA examinations, consistently for the past 10 years. It has also been ranked as one of the best 50 Business schools for entrepreneurs.

2. Aakers College: This College has been established for more than a 100 years, and it is quite famous for its Accrediting Council for Independent Schools and colleges, and State Board for Vocational and Technical Education. They offer online programs to students from all over the world.

3. University of Phoenix: They are well known for giving quality online forensic accounting degrees to professional working adults and to people who prefer home learning. They have created opportunities for people wishing to obtain higher education at their homes.

4. Birmingham’s School of Business (University of Alabama): This School has been ranked as a part of the Top 10 metropolitan business schools, offering two level courses of Accounting Degree programs; Bachelor of Science in Accounting, and the higher Master of Accounting.

5. American Intercontinental University (AIU): This University has been well supported by more than 400 major companies who also serve as education partners. They offer virtual campus experiences to the students and they make the education as practical as the real world.

These are 5 best places for online and offline accounting degrees, so you can choose which one would work for your needs.

More information on accounting online and details of a forensic accounting degree are available online.