Month: November 2020

Effective Features Of Breeze Mobile Banking

One of the most interesting things about technology is that when developers introduce different applications to the public, they mistakenly believe that the more features and the more complex the features, the more impressed customers will be. Unfortunately, many uninformed consumers are sucked into buying products because they are loaded with what appear to be incredible and robust features. However, these people soon discover that all the fluff is just that, meaning the features are usually over-rated and rather than making the experience smoother, they actually make things more complicated and time-consuming.

When Standard Chartered Bank developed Breeze, the online and mobile banking solution that runs on iPhone and iPhone, they wanted bank customers to have a genuine, user-friendly application with features that added true value to the overall experience. The final product rolled out to beta testers in Singapore and Malaysia achieved the banks goal.

However, for the primary features seen on other mobile banking applications, the bank developed Breeze so these were enhanced. In addition, Breeze provides bank customers with new features, one in particular called eCheques, which is the worlds only electronic check processing system. Along with these features, Breeze has something unexpected in the form of functional but also fun features.

Some of the standard features that have been made more robust on Breeze include things like viewing account balances and transferring funds. Along with the new eCheques feature, Standard Chartered Bank also incorporated an ATM finder, which makes it possible for people to find the closest ATM anywhere needed in a matter of minutes. Instead of making unnecessary phone calls or driving around aimlessly, the information can be pulled up using Breeze with no effort at all. Standard Chartered Bank will also be introducing new features as time goes by to meet growing customer demand.

The entire online and mobile banking application enhances the customers banking and financial experience but the designers and developers added a few fun features just because they were just that fun. When people look at the enhanced conventional features, the revolutionary features, the future features, and the fun features, it is clear that Breeze is unlike any other mobile banking application ever created.

One of the fun features is the background of the iPhone when Breeze is downloaded. During the day, the background is bright, sunny skies that represent daytime but then at night, the background changes to a dark sky filled with shiny stars. Although the application is not necessarily something that adds value, it is fun.

Another fun feature of the Breeze application is the ability for users to personalize their accounts by using different icons, colors, and even avatars. Some people appreciate the ability to add a little personality into the way their account appears while others are not as concerned but either way, this feature is fun. Then one of the most interesting features is moving money by shaking the iPhone. Standard Chartered Bank wanted customers to enjoy the experience with Breeze while also having a mobile banking solution that would save time and effort when managing accounts.

Street Smart Strategy For Two Wheeler Loan

Getting a two wheeler loan today is perfectly easy. A two wheeler is the most comfortable mode of travelling if you want to reach a place quickly and beat the traffic. Not only is a two wheeler fuel-efficient, it also lets you avoid traffic congestions easily. Thus, a two wheeler helps make life easy and so does a two wheeler loan. Now, with the help of a two wheeler loan from the bank along with the help of a two wheeler loan EMI calculator, you can get your desired form of transportation.

The process for a two wheeler loan involves first deciding on whether you want to apply for a secured or an unsecured loan. With a secured loan, you will be required to give some collateral as security.This can be beneficial for both the lender and borrower as the former can give a modest loan for a decent interest rate. Some loan options also offer bonuses to serve as an incentive for consumers.

Getting a two wheeler loan also involves some paperwork as well. You will need to submit copies of your IT returns, income proof, a set of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) documents as well as a PDC and Security cheque. Other information like your residential address, phone number, vehicle model, loan amount required and the desired tenure which can go up to a maximum of two years needs to be submitted.
The interest rate of this loan, which will vary from bank to bank, can range from 13.5% to as high as 16.75% with special interest rates to women. It should be noted that many automotive companies have liaisons with major private and public banks, who in turn help give speedy two wheeler loans with a good interest rate. Most banks also give up to 95% of loan amount over ex-showroom prices of the vehicle.

This loan, though, must range between Rs.20, 000 to Rs.1, 50,000,with a tenure range of 1 to 3 years,dependent on certain terms and conditions that you must inquire about while applying for the same.It should be noted, though, that most private Banks offer two-wheeler loan at a relatively lesser interest rate ranging from 13-15%. Along with the loan, many banks provide special offers and benefits with easy repayment options over two-wheeler loan for their account holders.
With the help of a two wheeler loan EMI calculator, you can now also calculate the potential interest rate range that is suitable for you based on the loan amount that has been applied for. When you apply online, it is essential to also calculate the possible EMI range with the use of online two wheeler loan EMI calculators that are available on most of the lenders sites.

jaden forex indonesia

Kingdom Of Jaden adalah sebuah web yang berperan menjadi mediator anda dalam trading di Kingdom Of Jaden

diciptakan demi membantu para trader dan untuk menjadi salah satu keluarga dari JadenForex. Kami adalah perwakilan resmi

IB yang terpercaya dan berlisensi resmi.

Banyak orang yang menganggap Forex adalah sebuah kegiatan yang serius, bahkan kontroversial. Dengan mengubah sedikit

konsep dari Forex Trading yang terkesan serius, kami ingin membuat kesan baru dimana Forex juga adalah sebuah permainan.

Dengan dukungan dari yang berperan menjadi mediator untuk melayani seluruh jual-beli E-currency dari

Kingdom Of Jaden secara cepat dan aman, sehingga anda yang ingin bergabung dengan kami, dan tidak perlu meragukan

kredibilitas kami lagi.

Kami bukan program afiliasi, karena kami telah tepilih secara resmi menjadi perwakilan dari yang dapat

membantu klien secara langsung dari kantor pusat. Kami telah menjalin kerjasama dalam terhadap seluruh divisi pusat yang

terkait, sehingga para klien dapat merasa aman dan nyaman untuk memilih trader JadenForex bersama kami.

Warrior adalah sebutan untuk para trader, dan Jaden Warrior adalah sebutan untuk anda Trader yang dibawah afiliasi Kindom

of Jaden. Sebutan ini memang kami gunakan karena anda berperang dengan kemampuan anda sendiri didalam bidang Forex /


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Choosing Certified Financial Planner As Career

Choosing a career is one of the most important decision for the youths. It is the most crucial period of life. It is lengthy procedure which makes one life, so if you are on the way to begin your life time achievements, certified financial planning is the best option one should follow.

A Certified Financial Planner, or CFP, basically is a financial professional who meets the requirements set up by the CFP Board of Standards. If you enjoy studying maths, economics and finance with full interest than career in certified financial planning is the best option for you.

Because of the economy and economic depression most of the people have started targeting on their finances and finding out different ways to maximize their savings and income without any major loss. Hence the demand and need of financial planners has increased, everyone or the other is seeking out financial planner experts for their guidance and help to meet the defined financial goals.

The career as a financial planner starts with certified financial planning course which is done after completing the bachelor’s degree in either finance, maths, economics, accounting or statistics. After completing graduation, you can further continue to complete several courses according to your choice and interest with future planning ahead. Several courses can be done in estate / tax / investment planning or finance law. This short term courses will be helpful to you in completing certified financial planning course.

Then in order to achieve certified financial planning course, you must met following requirements which are as follows :-

1.Complete Education Requirement :- Complete all the basic requirements to opt this course and also CFP Board Registered Education Program.
2.You will receive a transcript review, keep it safe with you.
3.After that prepare and try your best to pass CFP certification Examination.
4.Try pursuing three years of work experience for the certification.
5.After that you must be also eligible to pass the CFP Board’s Candidate Fitness Standards, which is also very important and help you in achieving certification.
6.All the certification fees must be paid on time.
7.Upon completion of all the formalities and payment, CFP certificants will receive authorization and designation as CFP
8.Continuing Education should be completed as per CFP Board.

To select certified financial planning course as your career ahead, do some Internet searches on search engines like google, yahoo, bing. Look into local yellow page directories, contact financial planner, read reviews of financial planners. Try having a word with them or set up meeting with them if you are serious about your career.

All these certifications will be required by you to continue for further academic qualifications and to maintain your probability in the financial planning field. Usually the educational program may consist of few classes annually or so, with the aim keeping in mind to update planners regarding the latest knowledge and make sure they keep their skills sharp at all times. In addition, a financial planner will need to fulfill some specific specifications and regulations besides acting upon good faith.

The Banking Name You Can Trust Upon Canara Bank

The Indian Banking system has undergone a sea change in terms of service and functions. The credit of maintaining trust and confidence goes to few banks who have endlessly served to provide their customers a classy service. Be it grievance handling or meeting standing orders the services have been commendable. One such bank upholding the trust of the clients is Canara bank. Canara Bank is one of the oldest financial institutions of India, started in 1906 in Karnataka. Nationalized in 1969, it has grown to be a huge financial conglomerate, owning many subsidiaries and joint ventures throughout the world. The bank has 3057 branches and over 2000 ATMs, as of 2010. It has been a pioneer of several banking and financial services like launching an exclusive Mahila Banking Branch, providing credit card facility to farmers, extending Agricultural Consulting Services, launch of exclusive IT consultancy subsidiary etc. It has subsidiaries in Financial Services, Securities, Asset Management, Venture Capital Fund, Factors, Computer Services and finance home. The bank also won the National Award for excellence in the field of Khadi and Village Industries in 2011.
Canara Bank has several objectives on the basis of which it aims at being a “Global Bank with Best Practices”. It promotes national interests, takes active part in rural development and has several training initiatives to enhance rural self-employment. It provides all essential banking services at all branches, including Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS), National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), Internet and Mobile Banking (IMB) etc.
As a very customer centric bank, it has stringent grievance redressal policies. The Canara Bank Customer Care aims at resolving all customer issues promptly and systematically. All complaints can be filed online on the Canara Bank website or on various toll free numbers listed on the website, or in any particular branch, where the Branch Manager would deal with the complaints. To ensure fair settlement of all complaints against Canara Bank, the bank has a complete policy document that lists in detail how each type of complaint is to be dealt with, in how long, and what can be done in case the customer is still not satisfied, along with a list of alternative remedies. The document is available on the website.
All Canara Bank complaints are addressed within a maximum of 21 days, as against the time frame of 30 days stipulated by Ministry of Finance. The bank has a review mechanism for every complaint that would help in identifying and overcoming any kind of shortcoming on part of the bank or its employees. Employees are specially trained to deal with all sorts of complaints courteously. There are suggestion boxes, complaint books; Help Counters available at all branches for quick and easy registration of any grievance. The bank constituted a standing committee on customer service in 2005, which reviews and improves customer service periodically. Undoubtedly, the bank has fulfilled and fulfilling its promise of its slogan “serving to grow and growing to serve.”