Month: November 2021

Using Confluence To Trade The Forex Markets

Confluence is a term that is often used in geographical circles, but it is also used when discussing aspects of forex trading as well. In simple terms confluence refers to two things meeting or coming together, and this is commonly used to describe scenarios where two or more technical indicators come together.

So why is this important?

Well you will rarely see it being mentioned in any forex course, but it is important because you often get some very good trading set-ups when a few of these indicators come together. To digress for a second, some traders use this term to describe situations where two indicators give the same signals, for example when both the RSI and Stochastics are above the 80 level and therefore overbought. However I like to use the word confluence in the truest sense of the word to describe situations where two similar indicators come together on the charts.

One example of this would be where you get a situation where there is a key fibonacci level very close to the daily pivot point. One of these indicators alone can often act as a strong support or resistance level, so two together will give you an even stronger level of support or resistance.

Another good example, and one I look for quite a lot in my own trading, is when several moving average indicators come together on the charts. For instance when the 5, 20, 50 and 200 period exponential moving averages come together and are all very close to each other.

When this happens it signals a period of consolidation, but more importantly it signals that there could a big breakout coming in the near future. As soon as the price breaks out of this range and the short-term moving averages start heading higher or lower, you should consider opening a new position in the same direction because you often get some big price moves.

So to sum up, confluence in forex trading often refers to two or more technical indicators coming together. Successful forex trading is all about finding high probability set-ups, and one of the best signals you can get is when you get multiple moving averages coming together, because the end result is that you often get a big breakout when this period of consolidation is over. However there are lots of other ways you can use confluence to find decent set-ups. This is just one good example that I use myself.

Common Unhealthy Activities

Humans have so much potential, but we so frequently squander it through laziness and self-destructive behavior. We make short-sighted decisions, selling out our futures for immediate pleasures. For example, take the person who eats a delicious cake today only to sulk over their obesity tomorrow.

These unhealthy behaviors lead to so much unhappiness and depression. We choose to engage in the unhealthy behaviors, which means that the unhappiness and depression is avoidable! Following is a list of 3 very common unhealthy activities that cause a lot of self-inflicted damage to humanity:

Television – Television is possibly the worst addiction in society. It engulfs so many people so much. So many people waste hours per day sitting slothfully in front of a TV melting their brain and growing fat and weak. For the most part, the TV is full of mindless garbage. Television is perhaps the main reason why people are reading less and less, and becoming dumber and dumber. Imagine how much better off you would be if you gave up TV.

Overeating – Overeating is indicated by the huge levels of obesity. It is physically unhealthy, because it increases physical risks such as the risk of a heart attack or heart disease. It is emotionally damaging, because obesity decreases self-confidence. The main cause is that people look to food for comfort and pleasure. People frequently overeat and indulge in unhealthy food to make themselves feel better. For some people, eating is their main hobby. Try to give overeating up completely. Teach yourself to eat to live, rather than live to eat. Find other healthy ways to get pleasure. For example, you could join a club, or go play games or sports, such as bowling or pool. Stop yourself from turning to food when feeling bad, and find a different way to cheer yourself up.

Needless Shopping – Materialism and needless shopping are major problems for many people, and are one of the main reasons most Americans live in debt. Unfortunately, corporate America uses commercialism to increase consumerism. With credit cards in their pockets, people buy a bunch of useless material goods and novelty items. They buy overpriced clothes. They buy extra-fancy cars that they can’t afford. In line with so many other short-sighted and impulsive decisions, people put themselves into debt buy overspending on things that will make them a little happy now, resulting in bills that will cause much trouble later. Consider giving up your credit cards, and adopting a more simplistic lifestyle. Consider only buying things that you need. Beyond food, clothes, shelter, healthcare, and education, consider spending as little as possible. At the very least, before buying anything, ask yourself if you can really afford it.

You can change your life today. Imagine how different a person you would be, and how different your life would be, if you gave up television, overeating, and needless shopping. You can do it, so why not? Give up unhealthy, short-sighted, addictive, and self-destructive habits, and instead engage in wiser and healthier desires. Whatever you do, good luck!

Should I Consider Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is on the minds of millions of Americans nowadays. We as a society are increasingly getting further and further into debt. This should be traced back to our school systems, where you do not find any courses on proper money management. This should be taught to us early to avoid getting in financial debt in the first place. With that aside, we need to focus on the matter at hand. We as Americans are in heavy debt. We know this, so lets review a few solutions.

What is Debt Consolidation? Debt consolidation is mostly done by refinancing your home to pay off higher interest rate credit cards and loans. This would be a great solution; however this causes you to stretch out your mortgage that you may have already paid several years off, into another 30 year loan! In the long run, by doing this, you could be costing yourself countless hundreds of thousands of extra dollars of interest. Your monthly payments may have decreased, but now you have to pay that amount for how many more years??

Lets also not forget that you have to pay thousands of dollars of closing costs and title insurance fees to refinance. Oh, yes, maybe they are just rolled into your loan, so you dont see them now, but they are their, increasing your overall debt and paying interest on it!

Unless you have a grand plan to not spend more than you make, you will end up charging up those credit cards again! Dont find yourself there. Dont be looking back when your are in your 60s and realize that you have a grim- if any retirement nest egg to fall back on!

There are other creative solutions to this problem (even if you are over 60!). You need to find a good company that can accelerate your debt by creating a margin when you do a re-finance. There are still closing costs that apply, but that is okay if you have a stable plan for getting out of debt quickly. You will find that this can help you to continue to pay the same minimum payments on a monthly basis or even a little less, but you are debt free considerable sooner. Their average clients are out of debt in just 7-10 years not paying more a month! They also usually have private banker that ensure your bills are paid on time and assist you to follow through to an early debt-free life! These companies specialize in doing liability management. Check them out- you could save yourself literally $100s of thousands of dollars!

Nitty- Gritties of Education Loan in India

Education finances are boon for people who want to do higher
studies but could not afford it. Education Loan in India is provided by
banks and financial institutions and covers fee for all years, which is
normally disbursed to the college/institute directly by the bank. The
finance amount also covers most of the boarding and lodging expenses.
Here are answers to questions that boggle one’s mind before taking an
education loan:

What are the eligibility criteria?

The person taking the loan should have secured admission in the
institute. The institute or course of study must be recognized by
UGC/AICTE/AIBMS/ICMR, etc. The person needs to be an Indian citizen and
should be 17 years old or above.

What are the courses covered?

Education Loan in India is available for all approved courses leading
to Graduate/Post Graduate Degree and PG Diploma conducted by recognized
colleges/universities recognized by UGC/AICTE/AIBMS/ICMR, etc. Education
Loan is also available for part time courses and job oriented courses
subject to employability and earning potential. An education loan for
study abroad is also available for job oriented professional/technical
courses offered by reputed universities.

What are the expenses covered?

The amount is provided to meet all type of expenses which are necessary
for completion of course that includes purchase of books, equipments,
computer, travelling, study tours, boarding, lodging besides all types
of fees.

What are Documents required?

Documents like age proof, address proof, proof of clearing last
qualification, prospectus of course, letter of admission, income proof
of parents or guardians, etc are mandatory to be submitted even before
the bank considers the loan application. The bank will verify the
enrollment of the student from the concerned institute. One may also
require collateral security such as papers relating to property to be
mortgaged if the loan amount is above Rs. 4 lakh.

Some banks or financial institutions require all or any of the following documents as pre sanction documents:

What is moratorium period or holiday period?

It is the maximum time given to the student after finishing studies
that go without catering any payments for your loan. Mostly, it range
from 6 to 12 months.

What is the repayment tenure?

The repayment tenure depends on the amount of loan taken and type of
course. The minimum time given to repay the loan is 1 years and maximum
is 10 years.

Why guarantor is mandatory?

The guarantor could be an applicant’s parents or guardians who take the
responsibility for the repayment of loan in case of any mishap. The
bank will go through the guarantor’s credit history and also verify the
same before sanctioning the loan.

Is there any tax benefit?

The moment a person start repaying the education loan, he/she can
deduct the interest amount from the total income while calculating tax.
This means the effective interest rate on the loan works out to a lower

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management For Optimizing Financial Gains

Nowadays, healthcare providers like every other industry need to consider long-term financial stability. In order to ensure this, they need to implement the right procedures and measures to get expected results. One of the best ways to achieve this for the industry is optimal use of healthcare, revenue cycle management. Implementation of proper management procedures makes it possible to gain positive short term and long term financial results.
Long-term financial results occur through better patient engagement and short-term benefits may involve something as simple as knowing about receivable claim accounts. So what is management of revenue cycle related to the healthcare industry? This involves the use of proper techniques, methodologies, tools, and strategies for gauging financial situations. For example, proper management strategies will help an provider review the financial situation of a patient, collect co payments, and submit accurate claims.

Successful payment collections from various payers including; insurance companies, government, and various agencies are possible through successful revenue cycle management. One cannot emphasize enough the benefits associated with such management techniques. For the healthcare provider, it signifies financial stability on a long-term basis. Different institutes use such measures for different reasons. For example, some may use it in preparation of accounting reports or recording of transactions.

This kind of recording and reporting may occur on a quarterly, monthly, or even annual basis. However, most prefer quarterly and monthly reporting for remaining abreast of their financial situation and planning further strategies in this regard. As the situation lies nowadays, healthcare establishments that do not use proper management techniques fail miserably to keep track of the financial sides of transactions and become bankrupt. A sound management strategy in place with successful electronic remittance advice prevents financial distress and this way an establishment can ensure long-term gains.

Revenue management is a critical subject that involves the wider arena related to patient engagements in financial transactions. This includes revenue control processes, analysis of income statement, and successful sales management. Besides this, it also deals with problems related to the health care establishment, which may be hindering its capabilities to generate revenues. Use of practices related to successful profit management may help clinics and hospitals to generate higher revenues and get better results from patient dealings.

Software is available these days that can make revenue management for healthcare industry seamless. These work in close association with electronic remittance devices used in these establishments for managing data, generating reports, and keeping track of financial transactions. With competition is increasing hospitals and clinics have to think of better and more successful ways to ensure financial stability and optimizing their profits. Proper management of revenue cycle surely helps in this regard.