Accounting Jobs In Mumbai And New Delhi

Accounting is a challenging but rewarding career that requires knowledge in calculations and analysis of numbers. Accounting involves knowledge of bookkeeping for the purpose of organizing records and ensuring the systematic clarification of all transactions taking place in an organization.

To succeed in the accounting jobs in India, you must give attention to detail, however insignificant. This is because sometimes, you will be dealing with hundreds of little numbers that add up to become large. Each item must also be accounted for and listed in the correct place.

Before you get accounting jobs in Mumbai or you are qualified enough to be considered a suitable candidate for the various accounting jobs in New Delhi, there are numerous huddles you must overcome in terms of very stringent requirements. You must have passed certain government-approved examinations and acquired the requisite certification, such as a CPA.

For instance, you must have knowledge in tallying, and possess a bachelors degree in an accounts related subject, such as a Bachelor of Commerce. Additionally, these days, you must have knowledge of computer applications related to accounting such as MS Excel, Access, and Quick Books.

Accounting jobs in Mumbai have almost the same requirements as the accounting jobs in New Delhi and the noticeable difference between them is the salary that one would get. The salary of professionals who do accounting jobs in India is not harmonized as you would expect of salaries in a single country, and it depends on the city in which you come from.

The salary of an auditing and risk evaluation professional which is among the accounting jobs in Mumbai, and specifically Navi, ranges between Rs 60,000 90,000 per year. However, the salary also depends on your skills and years of experience. The more experience you have, the more pay you are entitled to earn.

Accounting jobs in New Delhi and indeed in many parts of India require you to have the right attitude and frame of mind. If you are the kind of person who hates being alone for long periods of time with ledgers and balance sheets for companions, then accounting jobs in India are not meant for you. In addition, you must be willing to put in extra hours poring over books and sometimes go without lunch because of the workload.

In case you are not good at keeping deadlines, you can just as well forget about taking an accounting job On the other hand, if you love anything to do with money, you will do well in accounting jobs in India.

Most entry-level positions start with a fairly reasonable salary compared with other professions. Some people jokingly assert that this high salary is meant to distract your attention from thinking about stealing any of the money you might handle as an accountant. However, the high salary is calculated based on the amount of work you will perform and the fact that accounting jobs are not that easy.