Additional Skills For A Forensic Accountant

To join the field of forensic accountancy, you need to be a certified forensic accountant (Cr.FA) or a certified forensic examiner (CFE). These are the certificates where accountants need to sit for an examination to obtain them. A person is required to be a certified public accountant (CPA) and should practice for two years before obtaining these certificates.

Here are tips for obtaining them:

Improve your interview skills
For becoming a CFE, one should know how to interview employees of a company or personnel to get their clues for investigation. If a person’s interview skills are not good, that person will miss important leads. With the right interviewing skills, you will not only be guaranteed a certificate, but also a great future as a CFE.

Knowledge of the law
During investigations, you should know what the problems are. In order to see what the problem is you have to know the prohibitions by law. By deciphering the law, it would be easier to see fraudulent practices and there wont be instances of “I did not think there was anything wrong with it” which show up, when there was surely something wrong going on!

Tech Competency
If you hate the computer, you will have to start to love using it. Forensic accountants have to use a lot of different software for investigating frauds in a companys accounts and transactions. These computer skills are also required in order to pass the certificate exam.

Expand Contacts
To make it easier for you to obtain certificates, it is wise to do forensic accounting courses in specialized fields. If you have already taken the course, stick close to your course mates. Discuss how to do things are done and know the way they should be done. Always listen to the lecturers or instructors advice.