Administrative Assistant And Accounting Courses To Boost Your Office Career

Rather than taking the time to start a completely new program, individual classes can give you valuable career skills to build on your experience, to advance or to make a career change. If your goal is achievement in an office, then the keys to success lie in two different streams of study, administrative assistant courses and accounting courses. The former will give you general, universally applicable office skills, while the latter prepares you for many different roles within business and non-profit organizations, while both are usually available on a part-time basis, compatible with work and family commitments.

Why Administrative Assistant?

Even if you arent remotely interested in secretarial work, administrative assistant courses cover more than just training you as an executive or office assistant. You will become a power user with Word processing, email and spreadsheet software, understanding all the features and how to best use them efficiently. Your keyboarding and other computer skills will improve, indispensable in todays office, and youll refine your business protocol knowledge and your writing and communication ability. Furthermore, many companies save money by cutting administrative roles, so by necessity you may need to learn to become your own administrator. Since administrative assistant courses are also widely available, if youre looking for a computer skills upgrade or to advance to a more managerial role, these classes will give you more professional polish.

Why Accounting?

Accounting courses cover topics as broad as payroll and budgeting software, to tax law and the basics of the worlds financial system. As well as opening up positions with payroll departments and accounts receivable and payable, looking for accounting schools in your area can be the first step to getting a better understanding of your companys bottom line. Youll understand financial documents and get a better understanding of the expenses your company has. It will also help you create and submit your own budget for projects you may be in charge of, strengthening your professional image as a competent manager. Lastly, as companies trim down workers, being able to take over in multiple fields will help give you job security and make you more flexible.

As the master of your own career, regardless if you pick an administrative assistant course, accounting course or something from a completely different faculty, continuous training will be a reality in your future success. Taking individual classes will also be a good way of demonstrating your commitment and work ethic, showcasing your ambition and ability to plan and succeed at your goals while making your resume stand out. It will also let you network outside your industry, by introducing you to people outside your field that may become lifetime contacts and gives you access to your schools resources as an alumni. This can help in unexpected ways, from counselling services to job finding help, all included in the cost of your tuition.