Asterisk Dialers Provide Highest Rate of Debt Collection

The Asterisk Dialer is the most efficient dialer on the market, giving an account the capacity to make over 1,000,000 during an 8-hour day – higher capacity than any other hosted solution. This dialer proves to be the best option for a call center performing operations for debt collection agencies, telemarketing, and merchant services. Since the dialer is highly programmable, it is able to manage time zone changes to best handle quotas. The dialer handles the -do not call- lists, as well as the ability to detect answering machines in order to leave automatic messages, or to simply bypass them. Not only can calls be made, but emails, automatic SMS, and faxes add to the wide range of efficiencies offered by the Asterisk dialer. All of these functions are performed through the internet, so additional costs incurred with traditional telecommunications are reduced by 70%, which allows call centers to better enhance overhead. Because it is completely customizable, the Asterisk dialer can manage multiple campaigns, and combine with additional tracking software to provide the most complete data organization to supervisors and managers. Speed of dialing, number of rings, number of call attempts and call schedules are easily programmed. Using a calculated algorithm, it takes into consideration call time, response time, allowing a seamless flow for calls. The Asterisk dialer has proven to assist in performing the highest rate of debt collection. It allows companies to successfully make contacts to collect payments without harsh tactics, enabling them to make the contacts through the multiple forms of media. Past due accounts can be called automatically and played a personal message that includes the amounts, account numbers and payment terms. The calls can also be automatically adjusted to reflect the number of attempts and the amounts. Costs are then minimized to the debt collection agencies as the number of employees and overhead can be reduced. Scripting tools are also available to agents making live calls that enable them to make the contacts and take payments through various means. All of this is tracked through the call center software, which provides data back to the Asterisk dialer to manage the flow of calls. All things said, a very efficient combined program provides the best results for the agency. For more information regarding Predictive dialer and Call center software please visit: