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An accountant is someone who is a practitioner of accountancy or accounting which is measurements, disclosure, or provision of assurance about the financial information of a business that helps managers, tax authorities’ investors, and some others make decisions in allocating resources. There are four classifications of an accountant. The categories are public, managerial, government accountants and internal auditors. Each category has many sub categories. There are those who advise on tax strategies, some audit financial reports, and there are the aforementioned forensic accountants and those who prepare financial statements.

Every person is entitled to pay taxes to the government on time to avoid severe penalty. The role of a tax accountant for this purpose is to calculate the total tax that a company has to pay. The tax accountant handles all matters concerning the company, the individual, business establishment and any type of tax matters.

Examining the various records, accounts and data of any business as well as the computation of taxes according to the present day prescribed rates, laws and regulations is also done by tax accountants. They also advise the management about the possible effects of business activities on the taxes and how they can save the taxes. Moreover, they are one of the major part of any company or organization and they represent the principal before taxing the bodies.

Are you looking for a reliable Accountant in Geelong that will give you advice on tax and business? Bell Group Accounting-Geelong Accountant offers range of accounting services provided by their expert and skilled accountant. They have been practicing accounting for many years already in Geelong and still believe their old fashioned values of quality.

Services are offered from business, investment to home and personal services. These services can are affordable suited to your needs. Like other firms, Bell Group Accounting focus on delivering high quality tax accounting advice and services at a competitive price to all their clients in Geelong areas. They can guarantee reliable services form their friendly, highly experienced and technically skilled staffs.

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