Best Banking In Asia With Dbs Bank

Ranked as the largest bank in South-East Asia by assets, the DBS Bank was established in 1968 as the Development Bank of

Singapore Limited by the Government of Singapore. It started operations in India in 1994 through a representative office

in Mumbai, which became a formal bank branch in 1995. Currently, the bank operates all over the country through 12 branches

in major cities and headquarters in Mumbai.
The DBS Bank extends its end-to-end services to facilitate capital in rapidly developing Asian countries. It has customized

banking products available for consumer, corporate, SME and wholesale banking segments across Asia and Middle East. With

subsidiaries like DBS Treasures, DBS Private Bank, Institutional Banking, DBS Private Equity, Capital Markets, DBS Vicker

Securites and POSB, the DBS Group is a comprehensive financial service institute.
Under personal banking, the bank offers a variety of savings and deposit accounts, Debt and Equity management, private

equity consultancy, protection services like health insurance and general insurance, International DBS Bank Debit Card,

Internet Banking etc. Under Institutional Banking, the DBS Bank provides services like Cash Management, Trade Finance,

Credit Facilities, Treasury Services like currency derivatives, forex and bonds/ interest rate derivatives, Securities and

Fiduciary Services, Capital Markets, Electronic Banking Services (DBS IDEAL, integrated web-based cash management gateway),

International Banking and Advisory Services.
In a competitive market for global banking, the DBS Bank stays ahead of its competitors by providing best quality of

services to its customers. The bank makes arrangement to provide detailed information about the financial products and

services to each customer, and has a 24 hour Customer Service actively handling all customer queries. The bank also lists

all its policies and processes regarding banking functions and dealing with customers on its website, easily available to

every client who wishes to have such information. In case any customer is dissatisfied with the bank at any level, a complaint against DBS Bank can be registered with the DBS

Bank Customer Care. The complaint can be made online on the website, at any of the toll free helpline numbers listed on the

website, through email, or by contact the branch manager of the concerned branch.
All DBS Bank Complaints are handled under an elaborate Grievance Redressal Policy which aims at efficient and prompt reply

and resolution of all issues. The branch manager is responsible to provide appropriate solution to every complaint within

14 days or date of complaint. In case customer is not satisfied with the response, the complaint can be escalated to the

Nodal Officer, further to the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager, and still further to the banking ombudsman

appointed by the RBI. All details on procedure and requirements of registering complaints at every level are detailed on

the banks website.
With its transparent operations and customer-friendly policies, the DBS Bank has become a trusted name among Indian

customers. It has been recognized as Indias Best Foreign Bank by the Financial Express E & Y Survey 2010, and also as

Indias Best Small Bank 2010 by Business Today.