Breeze A Richer Mobile Banking Experience

Today, mobile banking is without doubt the latest and greatest technology, product, and service currently being offered through various financial institutions. However, one bank has actually pioneered features, making this a time for Standard Chartered Bank to shine. This banks version of a mobile banking application is truly unique, one built on a philosophy of providing what bank customers want.

The majority of other banks who have entered the mobile banking market have focused design and development of mobile banking applications on what they think customers want or what they feel the customers should have. Obviously, to build a strong base of loyal customers, banks have to provide products and services that offer real value. When customers see their voices have been heard and opinions listened to, these customers remain extremely loyal.

For any relationship to work between a bank and its customers, a level of trust and respect must exist. These two components are critical to success for both parties. With Standard Chartered Bank, executives and employees alike have taken every necessary step to offer customers solutions to make life easier, which is apparent in the new and revolutionary mobile banking solution known as Breeze.

When looking at mobile banking solutions offered through other banks, it is common to see that features plateau, even though the type of features may be quite different. However, with Breeze, conventional and revolutionary features have been taken to the next level, for the better. As a result, personal and business customers of Standard Chartered Bank enjoy a much richer experience overall, whether using online or Breeze mobile banking services.

A prime example would be in the way that other banks allow customers to view and transfer money using mobile banking. Typically, these two services are very basic and by providing features with limitations, the customers are shorted. For instance, if a Customer wanted to complete a task or transaction other than viewing an account or transferring money, additional applications through the banks website or through the mobile banking medium would have to be opened.

Let us say that a customer with a different bank wanted to look at the balance in a checking account, but also pay a bill, redeem earned points, or even report a lost or stolen credit card. To accomplish this, one application would need to be manipulated for view the account and another application for the second task. From this customers perspective, it does not appear as if the bank cared much about the effort and time involved to manage money online or via mobile banking.

Obviously, this type of process creates tremendous frustration, which often leads to bank disloyalty. At Standard Chartered Bank, the number one goal beyond anything else is to provide every customer with a smooth and professional experience. For this reason, whether managing accounts online or through Breeze mobile banking, tasks and transactions have been simplified but without sacrificing any of the power.

In addition to happy customers remaining loyal, the online services through Standard Chartered Bank and mobile banking services through Breeze provide an opportunity for other people to hear how great this bank and its products/services are through word of mouth.