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Wanna start online trading? Here’s how you can evaluate a good online stock broker!

Online trading might seem a lot easier than it is. You might think creating a website and promoting it on Reviews Bird is enough. But, in reality, it takes a lot more planning and hard work to start online trading. There are so many things that you would need to take care of to establish a good online platform for your business. Certain reviews on financial institutions indicate how a slight problem causes so much trouble to business owners.

One of the most important considerations when starting online trading is to hire a good stockbroker. For a successful stock, exchange brokers are necessary for the execution of the trade. All the trading markets in the USA have hired brokers that help them with their businesses. This is why you should scroll down to read some ways you can evaluate and hire a good broker for your online business.

Make some inquiries

When looking for a financial professional, the first thing to try is a basic web search using the broker’s and firm’s names. This could bring up recent press releases or media accounts of alleged misbehavior or disciplinary actions, as well as client conversations on internet forums, background information, and other information. Financial professionals and their firms must register with federal and state securities regulators under federal and state law. And the public has access to this information, it’s always better to check that.

Examine your statements regularly

Putting your money on autopilot is the worst thing you can do. Checking your statements thoroughly, whether you get them online or in the mail, might help you catch malfeasance or even mistakes early on. If your investment results aren’t what you expected or if your portfolio has undergone unexpected adjustments, ask questions. Accepting convoluted assurances that you don’t understand is a bad idea. If you’re having trouble getting straight answers, ask to talk with someone higher up in the organization. Never be concerned that you’ll appear illiterate or obnoxious.

Understand the Requirements

Take time to think about what’s most important to you in a trading platform before you start clicking on brokerage adverts. This will help you choose the best kind of broker for your trading venture.

Have a Discussion

You need to feel at ease with the people who will be giving you advice, goods, and services, whether you’re looking for a broker or a financial advisor. Ask a lot of questions about the services provided by the organization and its experience working with clients that have comparable demands to yours.

Avoid Cold Contacts

Any broker or investment advisor who calls you without your permission from a company with whom you’ve never done business should be avoided. A phone call, email, or letter could be used to make contact. Don’t be fooled by invites to investment seminars that offer free lunches or other incentives in exchange for lowering your guard and investing recklessly.


In case you suspect any impropriety, immediately remove your funds from the financial advisor After that, file complaints with the same state, federal, and private regulators whose websites you visited when you first investigated the financial professional.

Ema Forex Strategy For Newbies Called Bucking The Trend

As a new forex trader, you need to learn how to identify the trend on the intraday charts. With a little practice using this 200 EMA Forex Strategy, you should be able to identify the trend on the different intraday charts. 200 EMA ( Exponential Moving Average) is one of the most popular and widely used technical indicator in forex trading.

In order to use the 200 EMA Forex Strategy open the 4 hour, 1 hour and the 15 minute charts on your MT4 Platform. Now plot the 200 EMA on these 3 charts and color it red.

Tile the three charts in a vertical fashion so that you can view the three charts one above the other. Now, scroll through the various currency pairs like the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, EUR/JPY, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, EUR/CHF or whatever pair you like to trade.

Find a currency pair that has price action above the 200 EMA on the 4 hour chart as well as the 1 hour chart but below the 200 EMA on the 15 minutes chart. If you find such a currency pair that has the price action bucking the trend on the 15 minutes chart, get ready for action.

What this means is that the price action is bucking the overall trend temporarily on the 15 minute chart.

On the 15 minutes chart search for a suitable entry point using candlestick patterns like the hammer or the hanging man.

With a little practice on your demo account, you will be able to master this very simple 200 EMA Forex Strategy and realize how powerful it is. You will be able to find the suitable currency pair that is bucking the trend on the 15 minutes chart within a few minutes after a little practice.

In short, what you will be doing is to find a currency pair that is bucking the overall trend on the 15 minutes chart in this 200 EMA Forex Strategy.

Knowing More about Forex Introducing Broker

Some people might come across the term Forex Introducing broker but they simply do not have an idea about the role of Forex IB. To simplify, Forex IB is an individual or company that encourages people to participate and invest in foreign currency trading. They act as Forex partner to brokers. They have a direct relationship with their clients and act as a sort of middle man to gauge the gap between clients and brokers. However they do not handle their clients’ finances. They leave this job to the brokers. In exchange for introducing such active trading clients, they get a commission for each live trade. To stimulate their business, they are willing to offer compromises such as giving a part of their commission to any clients who will trade again. This may sound self-sacrificing but this is how they attract more investors into the brokers business. Not all IBs allow their clients to trade CFD or contract for difference. This is actually another service that some brokers offer. If the clients want to participate in such he should ask about this investment opportunity. Some brokers offer this but the client is required to open another account. Some clients have certain expectations of what they look for in a trading platform. Some of them who might have browsed and have done a little researching might inquire about hedging and scalping. Hedging deals with opposing trades that enter simultaneously. The disadvantage is that one of these will suffer from loss while the other will gain profits. Scalping trades in the most liquid markets when the market enjoys high volumes of trade. This will only work towards investors’ advantage if the broker can provide quick price quotes and employs the use of user friendly platforms. Knowing whether the broker provides for such services can help you answer clients’ inquiries better. Retail traders will find that their best option is to trade with the help of the IB. Being identified with such gives your account an edge if you are a client. Regardless of your account size the same amount of volume that most IBs have under his care to be the same as yours even if it’s a small amount. Such extra services are free of charge to attract more clients for the brokers. This is a winning arrangement for all involved; brokers get more clients, IBs get more commissions and clients enjoy the profits.


Using Confluence To Trade The Forex Markets

Confluence is a term that is often used in geographical circles, but it is also used when discussing aspects of forex trading as well. In simple terms confluence refers to two things meeting or coming together, and this is commonly used to describe scenarios where two or more technical indicators come together.

So why is this important?

Well you will rarely see it being mentioned in any forex course, but it is important because you often get some very good trading set-ups when a few of these indicators come together. To digress for a second, some traders use this term to describe situations where two indicators give the same signals, for example when both the RSI and Stochastics are above the 80 level and therefore overbought. However I like to use the word confluence in the truest sense of the word to describe situations where two similar indicators come together on the charts.

One example of this would be where you get a situation where there is a key fibonacci level very close to the daily pivot point. One of these indicators alone can often act as a strong support or resistance level, so two together will give you an even stronger level of support or resistance.

Another good example, and one I look for quite a lot in my own trading, is when several moving average indicators come together on the charts. For instance when the 5, 20, 50 and 200 period exponential moving averages come together and are all very close to each other.

When this happens it signals a period of consolidation, but more importantly it signals that there could a big breakout coming in the near future. As soon as the price breaks out of this range and the short-term moving averages start heading higher or lower, you should consider opening a new position in the same direction because you often get some big price moves.

So to sum up, confluence in forex trading often refers to two or more technical indicators coming together. Successful forex trading is all about finding high probability set-ups, and one of the best signals you can get is when you get multiple moving averages coming together, because the end result is that you often get a big breakout when this period of consolidation is over. However there are lots of other ways you can use confluence to find decent set-ups. This is just one good example that I use myself.

Picking A Top Or Bottom In Forex Market Ussing Elliot Wave Forecast.

Good afternoon, everyone. Elliot wave principle is what I used to trade the Forex market. I really believe that the market move following the Elliot waves patterns and the fibonaccies number.

I have seen many times how the famous Elliot wave pattern is repeated in many cycle and to the point when do not miss even by a single pip. we as trader tend to make human mistake and always believe we have the correct count , we as human always trying to go to the minimum time frame possible. Many times this pattern is visible and workable in those small frames sometimes not , sometimes created a illusion or idea to be a correction and then break as a impulse . Today , I will explain how many traders and good traders are always trying to pick a top or a bottom.

Picking as I call it is a illusion , many times we are waiting for a level and we believe that the top or bottom just to found out that the market pass by the level without any resistance , so what was wrong , where picking a bottom or top is a mistake . the best bottom or top is the one we all knows , is waiting for the top or bottom formed by its self , seeing five waves in the hourly chart and the when wave A and C overlapped , getting in favor of the trend or five waves .

I know if all fellow traders practices this theory they should be able to make more money and less painful days .I believe the human factor and greed sometimes tends to created those false illusion , so picking a top or bottom is easy , please do not do it , just wait for the market to show the top or bottom.