Current home loan interest rates

Current home loan interest rates are at the best theyve been in many years. This means people wanting to buy a home or refinance have the opportunity to save money. An interest rate of even 1% below what youre currently paying can make a big difference monthly. Additionally you have the opportunity now to think about for how long you want to pay off your house. If refinancing the difference in interest payments might allow you to shorten your pay off time without vastly increasing monthly payments.

Step one in shopping for your mortgage is deciding what type of mortgage you want. Do you prefer a fixed rate that gives you a monthly payment that never changes or an adjustable rate that changes your payments when interest goes up or down? There are also balloon mortgages, VHA mortgages, VA mortgages, interest only mortgages well, you get the picture. Until you know what type of mortgage best suits your circumstances you could very easily end up comparing very different instruments and confusing yourself.

Navigating the world of current home loan interest rates and mortgages can feel more like sinking in a tide. There are hundreds of rules and regulations that govern lending, so besides having a sense for what type of mortgage you need it does not hurt to get the help of a professional, such as a mortgage broker, who can explain what various terms mean and offer ideas suited to your circumstances.

Do not be fooled by fancy promises. Lending is BIG business and there are some rather unscrupulous players in the game. So before you sign on the dotted line for any such services, check with the local Better Business Bureau or other consumer-watchdogs. See what type of rating and feedback they have on record before you enter into a binding relationship.

Its also important to realize that different lenders have different terms. Their prices to lock in an interest rate, closing costs, origination fees, administration fees, underwriting fees etc. will be different. Sit down and line up various lenders offerings line by line so you can really see who is offering you the best package overall.


It is completely possible to get the best current home loan interest rates. The key is making you an informed consumer who asks questions and gets straight answers. If you feel that something is awry, try another lender. Youre investing a lot of money in something that should be a YES, not a MAYBE.

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