Financial Freedom for Professional Women – Changing Your Negative Beliefs about Money

Have you ever stopped to really think about what your beliefs are around money? Did you know that many of our money beliefs were shaped during our childhood? Some of those beliefs were planted unintentionally by our parents or other influential people in our lives. Others rise out of our own personal experiences, especially past negative experiences. For some it can be a fear of writing checks because in the past they have bounced so many. For others, it can be a fear of success. Some beliefs serve us well and are helpful, while others hold us back.

Negative money beliefs limit us and hold us back because they block our ability to take in information that is in conflict with them. They keep us from seeing how to make meaningful changes. As long as we are being held back by negative money beliefs that don’t serve us, we go through life blindly following those negative beliefs, without conscious thought or the realization that there are other choices available to us. These negative beliefs and the negative energy that they create in our lives lead to self-sabotage.

The key is to raise your awareness of your beliefs around money. If you continue to let negative beliefs define your relationship with money, you will always feel like you are fighting with yourself.

Here are some of the most common negative money beliefs:

More money will make my life better’

Money is bad’ or (in some religious circles) -Money is the root of all evil’

Money is unimportant’

I don’t deserve money’

If you are good, God or the universe will provide for you.’ This goes hand-in-hand with -It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

Do any of these beliefs sound familiar? Have these beliefs held you back, perhaps on a subconscious level? What about your children – what money beliefs are they absorbing? You certainly don’t want them carrying on negative beliefs and habits. It’s important to free yourself, not only for yourself but so your children can experience freedom and success, too!

If you have a belief that is causing you pain, you can change it to one that will get you to where you want to be in your life. You can turn your beliefs from negative to positive. Increasing your wealth is a matter of increasing the quality of your thoughts. If you want to permanently change your financial destiny, you must consciously change your money beliefs.

Examine your beliefs about money. Decide which ones will get you to the next level and which need to be replaced with more positive ones. Recognizing that you have a belief that is holding you back is the first step to changing it. Finding a mentor or coach who has been where you are and can guide you through the maze infinitely faster will make all the difference as well.

Melissa Cappleman is a spiritual prosperity expert and the founder of Blessed & Rich. She works with spiritually-open female entrepreneurs and women in corporations who struggle with the value they bring to their work freeing them to step into their unique brilliance and live the happy, balanced life of their dreams. You can learn more at and sign up for her 6 week bootcamp can I Really Be Paid That Much.