Forex Price Movement – How And Why Prices Really Move And How To Win At Forex

If you want to win at Forex trading, you need to understand the simple formula enclosed which will help you avoid the majority of losing traders, who base there trading on false assumptions about market movement…

How prices really move is easy to understand, all you have to do is look at the simple formula below.

Fundamentals Supply and Demand Facts + Human Perception of = Price

It’s a simple equation – but let’s look at its significance for your Forex trading strategy.

It’s clear from the above formula, that the facts are not important by themselves; its how people perceive them that determines the price. This means that all following beliefs about Forex price movement are wrong.

– You can make a regular income from Forex trading
– Forex prices move to some higher scientific theory
– Forex prices can be predicted in advance
– You can trade breaking news stories and win at Forex

Because humans decide the price of anything and are governed by their emotions, you cannot predict Forex prices in advance and make a regular income. Sure you can make profits but you don’t try and predict prices, you trade the reality of price change and this gets the odds on your side.

Traders have been applying mathematical theories to Forex trading for years but their wasting their time, because markets don’t move to mathematics.

Forex Prices only move to probabilities not certainties.

There is a huge market in theories which claim there is a scientific law prices follow but there isn’t. If there was such a theory, we would all know the price in advance and there would be no market.

Winning at Forex

If you want to win at Forex trade the odds, trade the reality of price change and trade with discipline and confidence; this has always been the route to Forex trading success and always will be.

Following price action and reacting to the reality of change, may sound simplistic but if you understand this article, you will see why it’s the route to Forex trading success.