How Much Does Accounting School Cost

The cost of accounting school will vary depending on where you go to school and just how much schooling you decide to get. Your final decision will be largely based on your career goals. You may get an associates degree and begin working in as little as two years, or you may decide to go all the way through graduate school and qualify for the most prestigious jobs in this field. So, just how much does accounting school cost? It all depends on what your goals are.

If you want to qualify for an entry level accounting job, the cost of accounting school could be as low as approximately $5,000 for an associates degree from a two-year institution such as a community college. This cost includes two years of tuition, books and supplies and does not include costs for your room and board. Many people continue to work and take classes at night. If you want to complete a bachelors degree at a private four-year institution, on the other hand, the cost could reach upwards of $100,000. The cost of a state university for four years of education will fall somewhere in between these two.

Before you begin calculating the cost of accounting school, you must really decide what your career goals are and choose the schools to which you should apply to make those goals realities. Examine the curriculum of the schools; see what kinds of degrees they offer; learn about what the alumni are doing; check on the schools accreditation and examine the costs. Many schools charge larger tuition costs, but they may offer a more convenient program such as an online curriculum that allows you to continue working, and they may offer more assistance in getting a job once youre done with school.

As with most things in life, you get out of accounting school what you put into it. If you complete a longer schooling program and/or attend a more prestigious university, the costs will of course be higher. The rewards of a better job opportunity once youre done, however, may make the higher cost of accounting school worthwhile.