How to Import Data into QuickBooks Accounting Software

How to Import Data into QuickBooks Accounting Software?

There are various advantages of using accounting software to manage the account transactions in a business. As compared to the manual systems, a business accounting software offers better control over data with efficient data organization, accuracy and integrity without worries of duplication. With accounting software you can save up plenty of time which otherwise you would need to employ for manual calculations, record keeping, maintaining employee details and generating payroll. Accounting software allows faster and more efficient processing of data. It helps you analyze your business practices, manage financial transactions, generate reports, identify the money flow and costs through the operations and efficiently maintain all the data you need to run your business at your fingertips. Inventory tracking, processing purchase and sales orders, tax calculation, sales or purchase invoice generation, sales quotes management is all very easy with a good accounting software accommodated with efficient work modules.

Different businesses use different software tools to maintain their accounts. The most popular of accounting packages for business today are Simply Accounting, QuickBooks, Peachtree and ACCPAC accounting package by Sage. Very often the businesses store their data in form of excel files, spreadsheets or other customized formats as per their convenience. This data needs to be migrated into specific accounting software for management. There are in-built tools in every software to do this but usually they have number of limitations like that of currency, number of users and much more. Therefore third party tools or software to import data and data export are used by the organizations to simplify and speed up their tasks of importing data into accounting software or exporting data from the software.

Import Data into QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an efficient accounts management software which allows managing inventory, customers and vendors data without having to write custom functions or designing tables. QuickBooks software acts like a cash register and also manages payroll. There are different ways to import data into QuickBooks. For example data can be imported in form of IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) files, excel files, using QuickBooks importer of Intuit, the third party tools and import softwares. Data from almost any source can be imported into QuickBooks using QuickBooks import software. QuickBooks import software is a great product for those who want to maintain their industry specific software for accounts while obtain the benefits of using QuickBooks. One of such product is QuickBooks import data tool offered by Swagman Software Inc, a leading business accounting integration products provider in Canada. This QuickBooks accounting software import data product allows importing data from other sources directly into QuickBooks. It works with foreign currencies and multiple bank accounts as well. This is compatible with different QuickBooks versions including 9.0 through to 2010. All inventory, customer and vendor data can be imported into QuickBooks using this software. The software is available with various modules like sales orders, purchase orders, sales invoive, purchcase invoice, timeslips etc for multiple functionality.