IP Change for Safe Online Banking

By frequent IP Change e you can make your online banking more safe. The number of business transactions made over the net these days has increased temendously. Online banking is now growing faster as compared to other financial transactions. The internet has now become a popoular avenue for banking, shopping, and financial transactions for both businesses and consumers alike. What is actually existing as internet security suites are still lacking in defense against online theft and fraud. With the introduction of a fresh technolgy using the fundamental concept of IP change as well as data encryption, online banking security now becomes even more strong.

With internet as a tool, banking now becomes faster and stress free. With internet also comes an increased risk for online theft and fraud whose number is rapidly increasing as well. Internet is inherently an insecure platform because you are simultaneously connected with world. Computer viruses, spy ware, mal ware, key loggers and a variety of other security threats have been there almost from the beginning of the widespread use of the internet. Unfortunately, there exists great programmers who are deviant and are one step farther than the current internet security industry. Thus, there always occurs a war between the cyber criminals and experts of online security. Even if there exists internet security softwares including anti virus, anti spy ware, identity theft protection software, and the like, still these are not sufficient for online banking protection.

Cyber criminals are experts in breaking firewall and if they do, all your essential records including your login password and account numbers may fall into their hands. Given this, it would be a lot easier for them to get into your network and grab the data you send via the net. With the use of wireless internet connection, everything is still dangerous even if you have an efficient internet security software.

For a safer online banking, various safety measures must be taken, such as hacker proof passwords, frequent, change of passwords and update of browser, operating software, and internet security software. Subsequently, a closer look and remedial measures at the most sensitive points for enhanced security must be taken.

In order for hackers and online banking thieves to penetrate your computer system they need to know your computer’s IP address, short for Internet Protocol Address. The IP address is actually a unique number composed of six digits depicting your concrete location via the net. Such IP address is given by your ISP (internet service provider). You can only be safe if your IP address will not be revealed to other people online. There is now a readily available technology for you to make faster IP Change. This is possible with the use of various proxy servers not having same IP addresses. With the help of software (IP Changer) you can route internet connection through these remote proxy servers and change them frequently. Thus, every time you are on the internet, nobody else can access your actual IP address. It is one of the addresses of the Proxy servers others see, thus effectively hiding your IP address. You are thus able to search the internet anonymously and securely. For further security, the information is encrypted thus making it extremely hard to be hacked between your computer and the proxy server.

So when banking online you are securely connecting to the proxy server and then on to secure servers of the bank. When you are submitting log in information or your private identifying information such as social security number and financial information it is all done securely and anonymously. This is extremely valuable and important when banking from public locations such as libraries, book stores or hotels where unprotected networks such as the wi fi are used.

Truly, there is not a 100% full proof security, but this one is the best among the recently available technologies. This small yet efficient concept of IP Change allows all these to happen.