Kuber Yantra-improve Financial Status

In Hindu mythology, Lord Kuber holds the status of that supreme deity who governs the aspects of wealth in ones life. Also, he is the treasurer of Gods and the Lord of Yaksha, or savage beings. He, along with Goddess Laxmi who is the supreme deity governing the aspect of fortune, are the prominent divine forces behind the fact that if one makes enough wealth, affluence, material comforts, and overall fortune in life or not. Therefore, besides offering devoted prayers to Goddess Laxmi, it is very essential to please Lord Kuber as well, and possessing and worshipping Kuber Yantra is one confirmed way with which one can do the same.

Kuber Yantra is encompassed with such divine powers which help one gain a connection with Lord Kuber. One is able to convey ones devotedness towards the Lord, and Lord on seeing ones devotedness confers his blessings to that person in the form of immense wealth and prosperity. Mere possession of this Yantra also derives one with constructive results, but they get to their intense best when one chooses to put in profound devotedness and belief in it.

When that happens, one gets conferred with a superlative financial status with immaculate sources of wealth, and abundance of prosperity and good luck. One earns enough to fulfill all his materialistic desires. It helps one live a lavish and comfortable lifestyle, with no sort of monetary dearth. Also, all sorts of existing money related problems wipe out for once and for all. Also, any past money-related losses either gets restored or repaired by something of an equal degree. One rises in profession or business and attains financial success in it, new sources of income open up, and a better state of financial stability settles in. Though money is certainly not everything, but it is certainly something to be considered as influential for everyones life. Therefore, when one gains on aspects of money, other aspects of life such as peace, happiness, harmony, and satisfaction do get positively influenced by it.

Besides gaining these materialistic aspects in abundance in life, one never actually gets surged down with the stream. One keeps his senses and sensibilities strong enough to understand that they are not something which will remain intact till eternity.

It is very essential to abide by the rules of astrology at the time of establishing Kuber Yantra, as doing so confirms that you are doing every bit what astrology states to ensure that you derive the true essence out of this stone.

Sit down in an absolute pure and positive state at a place where you wish to establish this stone. Before confirming about the same, ensure that the place is sacred and peaceful. This Yantra can be kept in cash box, cupboard, or temple of your house. If you have a concentrated purpose of deriving financial growth in business, then establish it in your office. Once you sit down with a positive and peaceful state of mind, open Yantra, and place it over a clean cloth. Place an idol or image of Lord Kuber and your Isht Lord beside it. Sprinkle some fresh water first on yourself and then over the Yantra, using a freshly torn leaf of any tree. Using a mixture of raw milk and scented clean water, clean Yantra using rose petals. Place Yantra over a red-colored silk cloth, put Chandan Tikka (sacred mark of sandalwood paste) on four corners of Yantra, and light up incense sticks and lamps in dedication to Yantra. Light as many as you want. In the end, offer fresh fruits as sacrament to Yantra and Lord.

Rules of Worshipping It
As already stated, mere possessing this Yantra derives one with enormous benefits, which can be brought to their extremeness by putting in routine and devoted prayers. Reciting the associated Kuber Mantra is one way of doing it. According to principles of astrology, a person who chants this Mantra for 108 times for 72 consecutive days gets conferred with utmost benefits. Mantra is
Om Hreem Shreem Hreem Kuberaya Namaha
Alternatively, this mantra can be used instead:
Om Dhanitapaya Vidh Mahe
Raja Rajaya Dhi Mahi
Tanno Kubera Prachodayat