Learn Cutting- Edge Technology With Sws Computer Accounting Specialist Program

Are you a person used to an environment where excellence is expected? Then your search ends right here at Southwest Schools Computerized Accounting Specialist Program.

Southwest Schools comprehensive computerized accounting specialist Program is designed to offer students the proficiency required to perform and execute an array of financial tasks, payroll accounting and business law, with an emphasis on software and modern computer technology.

Question arises why Computerized Accounting?

With the advent of the internet, almost all organizations are using accounting software and enabling easy calculation of profits and losses with the help of computers. Manual accounting has been largely replaced by computerized accounting.

Additionally, Computerized Accounting allows an integration of basic accounting tools and techniques to help in recording, classifying and summarizing the financial transactions of a business and calculating profits, losses and financial positions of a business in an easy and automated manner.

Job duties of a Computerized Accounting Specialist

1. A computerized accounting specialist performs accounting duties for a company or corporation utilizing basic and advanced accounting software and computer technology.
2. With the help of accounting tools and techniques, the Computerized Accounting Specialist records financial transactions of a business (book keeping and journal), classifies business transactions (ledgers) and calculates profit and loss over a period of time utilizing the computerized accounting system of an organization.
3. A Computerized Accounting Specialist posts transactions to accounts, uses record-keeping systems and operates accounting software.
4. A Computerized Accounting Specialist helps analyze the financial stability of a company and plan for the company’s future endeavors.
5. A Computerized Accounting Specialist performs general accounting duties such as arranging and recording business transactions, integrating accounts, tracking expenses, printing checks, creating and maintaining accounts, keeping payroll, creating plans for mergers and acquisitions, undertaking tax strategies, benefits management and depositing sales receipts. In addition, Computer Accounting Specialists use accounting systems to generate and send out bills for customers and projects.

Salary Outlook

The U.S. BLS projects that opportunities for Computer Accounting Specialists will continue increasing for the next several years, and it is expected to be one of the fastest growing professions even in a recessionary economy. Salaries for computerized accounting specialists can vary widely according to the employer, the type of company, location and work experience. Computerized accounting specialists earned an average of $37,000 as of October 2010, according to Simply Hired, Inc. (www.simplyhired.com).

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