Litigation Accounting & CPA Expert Witness Services – Houston TX

Litigation Accounting & CPA Expert Witness Services in Houston TX

Does your Houston litigation project require a top notch CPA accounting expert?

J.M. Trippon & Company CPAs provides accounting expert services in both consulting expert and testifying expert projects in the Houston area and across Texas. We assist law firms and their clients to assess business and litigation issues and analyze alternatives. We have the experience to take on tough projects and succeed where other accounting experts have failed.

For almost 30 years, when successful law firms and business owners need an accounting expert that can figure out what is going on with the numbers; and communicate sometimes technical concepts to a jury in language that they will understand, our firm has made a difference.

Whether you need an accounting expert that will serve as a consulting or testifying expert, or require a business valuation for estate, divorce, or dispute purposes, we can help. We have specialized expertise in a variety of industries, and have been qualified as a forensic accounting experts in both Federal Court and State Courts in Texas, Oklahoma, California, Nevada and Florida

We pride ourselves in our ability to assess what happened with the money trail and to explain complex accounting concepts in terms a Judge and Jury can quickly grasp. We think on our feet and know how to defend our opinions in the toughest depositions or cross examinations, without blinking.

Representative litigation expert projects that we have been retained for as consulting or testifying accounting experts include:

Bad faith insurance settlement
Breach of contract
Breach of fiduciary duty
Business interruption claims
Business valuation
Corporate and partnership dissolutions
Damage calculations
Equitable Divisions in Divorce
Eminent domain valuation disputes
Estate trust valuation and analyses
Forensic and Investigative Accounting
Insurance claims
Intellectual property damages
Inventory / stock valuations
Labor and employment disputes
Lost earnings on court held trust funds
Lost profits
Lost rental calculations
Marital dissolutions
Minority shareholder oppression
Personal injury claims
Real estate damages
Shareholder disputes
Trade secrets
Wrongful death claims

If you require a Litigation Accounting Expert, we can help. Call us at 713-661-1040 TODAY!