Modern accounting automation software

It is difficult to find a modern enterprise that has not to automate its accounting process yet. At first sight investing in automation of accounting doesn’t bring financial benefits, but only makes reports drafting process faster and more efficient. The construction company’s top officials consider it reasonable to accumulate and analyse accounting data for the whole company management purposes. Some managers even automated the insignificant management reports, which can be obtained from the accounting systems. It is important, because the head of the department must compare the actual data with the planed, have the opportunity to post a complex multi-step plans and play different scripts. As a result, the actual data input is not enough. There is a need to consolidate all the business processes in one software product. Special software has been developed in order to automate accounting and taxation, financial planning and analysis in the construction companies. The basic configuration functions of such software are: financial flows planning and comparison with the actual data, comparative analysis of objects under construction, the dynamics of the project realization, various reports drafting, accurate and in time information obtaining about materials and funds expenses, as well as contractors, suppliers, customers and consumers accounts calculations. This software system allows you to track purchases and sales of construction works, to estimate the financial results of construction projects realization, allocate costs on construction machines operation on the primary cost. It is a perfect solution that gives the opportunity to arrange the operational activity of any modern construction company and creates a unified information space displaying financial flows and main business processes. At the same time the software differentiate the access to the stored data, as well as the possibility of certain actions depending on the user’s status.
D.Tokareva for company involved in construction estimate software