Money Matters Financial Services Limited Unfolds Market Opportunities

Money Matters Financial Services Limited Unfolds Market Opportunities
No doubt, Indian economy has endured the trauma of recession and has strongly stood with a growth registering 7.6% GDP in 2009-10 financial year. The consolidating Indian economy is the result of rising domestic demand, consumption, investment and trade and positive capital inflows. Moreover, the economy is expected to get remarkable support from consumption and infrastructure sectors in the next few years, thereby projecting significant upsurge in GDP. Sensing the accelerated growth momentum of the Indian economy, Money Matter Financial Services Limited (MMFSL) is eager to extend its financial related services to corporate and institutional clients in order to capitalize on the market opportunities.
A non banking financial services company (NBFC), Money Matters Financial Services Limited is one of the trailblazers that provide a whole gamut of financial solutions and services with special emphasis on Credit Syndication and Debt Capital Market Advisory Services (Primary and Secondary), Financial Restructuring, Investment Banking and Asset Financing. Holding a clientele base of different industry verticals including Real Estate, Power, Telecom, Hospitality, Retail and Financial Services, the company, of late, has decided to put focus on fund based activities and the non fund based activities in addition to render its services in the investment banking space.
Money Matters Financial Service Ltd. holds great expertise in diverse domains of financial sector and is serving businesses and corporate houses in debt placement & syndication and financial restructuring that make them financially secure in this highly competitive financial world. Right from offering prompt decision pertaining to acquisition and mergers to guiding through the formation of strategic alliances and joint ventures, every vital financial suggestion is offered in the manner that proves beneficial in the long term. Interestingly both debt advisory and credit syndication services contribute the major part in its net earning. There services are designed to augment funds for various large and emerging corporate, thus enabling them to permanently consolidate their positions in the market.
The success of the company is the result of having a pool of talents with strong execution skills who are committed to provide comprehensive financial requirements to clients in the most cost effective manner. With the expert and specialized knowledge of the Indian financial market, the company aims to build strong relationships and provide innovative financial solutions to clients with excellence, integrity and passion.
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