Personal Banking Can Benefit You In Various Ways!

Personal banking or personal touch banking is often called retail banking because of the retail services offered to consumers. It differs from commercial banking in a number of ways. There are various banks offering personal touch banking services in Florida. The banking services and financial products available to individuals may differ from those offered to institutions. Commercial banking and personal touch banking Jacksonville, Florida often differ in the total amount deposited by individual customers. Personal banking deposits are usually much smaller than those from commercial bank customers.


Personal bank customers are individuals with deposits of less than $100,000. Commercial banking customers vary from small businesses to very large businesses and corporations. Sometimes, a commercial customer may be another bank.

Loans made by a personal bank may include auto loans, personal loans and mortgages. Personal bank loans are much smaller than the loans offered by commercial bankers. Commercial banks offer lines of credit and larger loans that allow a company to stay in business.
Account types
Both personal banking and commercial banking offer checking accounts. The commercial accounts include fixed deposit, an interest-bearing account similar to a retail banking certificate of deposit (CD) and a current deposit, an account that generally pays no interest on money in the account.
Commercial banking can often be more beneficial for large financial institutions as compared to personal banking. However, there is also more risk in commercial banking because of the potential for larger losses. The capability for losses from personal banking are much smaller, thus they are lower risk.
Acceptability of risk
Commercial clients with very large deposits and some private banking customers are more often willing to accept higher risks with bank investments. This acceptability of risk can sometimes lead to high gains, but can also lead to large losses.
With personal touch banking Jacksonville, you can get all the banking services you need in a checking account with a no minimum balance requirement and unlimited check writing. The Jacksonville bank personal checking is a no-cost, value-added solution for you.
Personal checking services can benefit you in a number of ways:
1.Unlimited check writing
2.Free online and phone banking
3.A free cash and check card
4.Free notary service
5.Free imaged monthly bank statements and checks

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