Professional Forex Trader Job Description And Qualifications

Being affiliate forex is a lucrative opportunity to make money promoting trading services and forex brokers. However, not all new affiliate programs are honest enough to give you the desired edge to succeed in the market. Therefore, you first need to understand the qualifications of a forex trader and keep in mind few things while choosing affiliates programs.
Age is the first thing that will qualify you for forex trading. If you are aged between 25 and above, you can become a forex trader. However, there are many brokers who look out for participants aged 21 and above. Certain criteria are required if you want to be successful in the market and they are
Decision making skills
Ability to adapt to fluctuating and unexpected situations which are very common in forex trading
Knowledge of money management
How Much Will You Earn?
Your monthly income will depend on how seriously you take your affiliate business. Right marketing techniques and successful online campaigns can give you an average conversion rate of about 8 to 12%. Your earnings from an average trader will be around $800 per month. Commissions depend upon the revenue share percentage you decide and agree upon with the programs affiliate. Most affiliates programs offer cost per active account or CPA of up to $250 depending upon the number of traders referred. There are number of top affiliates programs you can register for. Generally registration to new affiliate programs is quick and simple. You just need to complete an online form and your account will be activated instantly. Once you are able to log into the office, you can start with your online trading.
Forex Trading Techniques:
Success of your forex trading depends on the marketing techniques you adopt. The key is to maintain a unique and relevant content on your website. You can add a blog to your site and include trading tips, articles, post press releases, latest trading news, fundamental and technical analysis, etc. Mobile trading is also fast catching up with affiliate forex marketing. Though it is a new concept, affiliate program review reveals that new programs affiliate are providing marketing tools and materials to encourage mobile forex trading.