Specialize in Accounting and advance in your career prospects and CGA designation

A Jack of all trades is important to the quick demands on many businesses but Jack is a master of none. Although it may seem better to have a broad knowledge of many things, having a specialization can have its benefits, including helping in your decision-making. Career-wise, specialization does not mean that you do not have plenty of knowledge but it does require you to be an expert in at least one area. This gives you more job prospects and greater chances of getting noticed by recruiters. Strategic management programs are gaining popularity as employees become empowered to make strategic decisions, as they can one day become leaders of the company.

Realizing the potential for this area, Centennial College created a graduate certificate program in one of the popular areas in business: Accounting. The Strategic Management – Accounting (2844) program is based in accounting principles but with managerial leadership in mind. The School of Business deploys one of the best professors to teach the courses, contributing examples from their personal experiences to add much interest and value for students. The benefits of enrolling in this one-year program are described below:

Accounting graduates from universities and colleges can specialize in this program and increase their chances in getting hired as well as expanding their job prospects.

Students undergo an intensive training with theory, case studies, simulations and technical skills sought out by employers in the industry.

Upon graduation, learners can find employment in various industries in addition to financial institutions, including public administration, government offices, manufacturing industries, and public accounting firms.

As financial managers, graduates can become entrepreneurs and establish their own accounting firm.

Students canstart working on theirCGA Designation by moving up to level four of the requirements by the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada.

Students advance in their education, while progressing with their industry designation — a win-win situation where students spend their time resources wisely. Strategic management in accounting involves more than balancing books. The program teaches the following managerial perspectives:

A broader and more in-depth look into budgets, with lessons on capital budgeting, profitability analysis, and strategic accounting decision-making process

To define objectives and plan strategies for a multiplatform businesses by studying the five phases of strategy-making and strategy-executing process

Calculation and preparation of consolidated financial statements for non for profit and government organizations

Control the audit plan and audit program in accordance with the Generally Accepted Auditing Standards

Learn how to make decisions and apply actions in an ethical manner and in compliance with industry standards

Centennial College students will graduate with a positive outlook on their career in accounting. They are more prepared than ever to enter the workplace with strong knowledge of day-to-day operations and strategic view of the accounting function of a business. The Strategic Management – Accounting program also offers an articulated program for some graduates who want to pursue a degree with Centennial’s university partner.