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Outsourcing To Wns Helps United Airlines In Revenue Accounting And Recovery

In 2006, United Airlines (United) was looking for a cost effective and high-quality solution for its passenger revenue accounting and recovery processes, as part of the company’s ongoing continuous improvement work to control costs and improve process efficiencies. United chose to leverage WNS’s offshore capabilities to help meet those objectives and enhance recoveries from fare audits.

United chose WNS for its track record and reliability as well as its ability to offer an end-to-end solution and scale to meet growth needs. In 2006, United transitioned its revenue accounting and fare audit operations to WNS in India. WNS program managers worked in tandem with United to ensure that the migration was successful by documenting the processes, training the WNS staff in India in a short period, and setting-up IT connectivity. After the process migration to India, the WNS operations team maintained high quality delivery in operations and identified process improvement opportunities through a rigorous Six Sigma program.

Over 300 highly qualified WNS staff performs revenue accounting and fare audit functions ensuring accurate, efficient and timely processing, leading to enhanced recoveries. The successful knowledge transfer and training of India staff ensured quick ramp-up. Process improvements are enabled through automation and re-engineering.

Managing end-to-end passenger revenue accounting operations including complex functions of interline, auditing, investigation, refunds and collections
Stringent service level agreements
Multi-location delivery to ensure business continuity
Highly skilled staff
Proprietary staff training capabilities
Rigorous quality assurance and Six Sigma programs
Robust program management and migration methodology.
Benefits delivered by the WNS team
Significant cost savings
Initiatives to increase productivity levels
Improved service quality
Enabled United resources to focus on strategic initiatives
Guaranteed process efficiencies every year
Comprehensive MIS and reporting.

United partnered with WNS for its recognized leadership in BPO, particularly in airline revenue accounting. United has been very pleased with both the financial and service quality paybacks from this initiative, and we expect to collaborate further with WNS to bring about continuous improvements in this critical accounting and customer service function – David Wing – VP and Controller, United Airlines
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