The Forex Trading Checklist

Before one embarks on trading Forex there are several things that the does Forex trader needs to decide on. Trading the worlds largest market can be a very challenging endeavor and one should be very careful to know what they are getting into. One should carefully take into consideration the following before trading forex.

The first question you would need to ask is what currency pairs am I going to trade? Most brokers now offer an over 30 currency pairs. These different pairs trade very differently so the Forex trader should be very familiar with each currency pair they trade. One particular currency pair may be more sensitive to interest-rate movements then others. Another pair might be more sensitive to a global news event .This among other factors would be some of the criteria that would be used in deciding which pairs of Forex trader would trade.
Having news and knowing the economic calendar is very important for the Forex trader.

The next item that a Forex trader will need to determine is deciding on which Forex trading platform am I going to use? It is very important that the Forex trader be familiar with how each platform they use works. One of the more popular Forex trading platforms among Forex brokers and traders alike is MetaTrader 4. MetaTrader 4 has established itself as the most popular forex trading platform in the world. MetaTrader 4 is also known as a platform with many features. Becoming familiar with all of the features within a Forex trading platform is essential to Forex trading success.

The final item on the Forex trading checklist would be the selection of a Forex broker. There are several criteria that should be taken into consideration when making the choice of a Forex broker. First of all finding a broker that is regulated and located in one of the main regulated jurisdictions like (US, UK, Australia) is one of the first thing to consider. The type of trade execution that the broker offers is also important. Using a Forex broker that has a non-dealing desk trade execution operation would be beneficial.