The Top 10 Accounting Schools

Determining the top 10 accounting schools is a difficult task, since everyone has a different idea of what qualifies these various educational institutions as the best in their field. Some institutions are known for ranking schools, though, such as Business Week, US News, World Report and Newsweek. These publications rank the top 10 accounting schools (and top schools for other fields) based on curriculum, graduation rate, academic resources, student activity, faculty resources, average grades, university connections and the financial status of the school.

If you are thinking about attending a college to obtain an accounting degree, it’s a good idea to see which schools rank at the top of this field to help determine where you should apply. Of course, the top 10 accounting schools on any of the leading lists might not fulfill your needs regarding budget, location, scheduling or other factors. Based on the criteria listed above, the top 10 accounting schools according to Business Week are:

1.University of Chicago

2.University of Pennsylvania

3.Northwestern University

4.Harvard University

5.University of Michigan

6.Stanford University


8.UC Berkeley

9.Duke University

10.Columbia University

According to the same list, the other top accounting colleges in the nation are Dartmouth, UCLA, Cornell University, NYU, University of Virginia, Carnegie Mellon, UNC, Indiana University, Yale, Texas University, University of Southern California, Georgetown University, Emory University, Purdue, University of Maryland, Notre Dame, Washington University, Rochester, Michigan State and Vanderbilt. The OnLine Education Data Base also put together a list of the top 10 accounting colleges online based on acceptance rate, financial aid, graduation rate, years accredited, student-to-faculty ratio, scholarly citations, retention rate and peer citations. These top online colleges are:

1.Upper Iowa University

2.LeTourneau University

3.Liberty University

4.Nova Southeastern University

5.California University of Pennsylvania

6.Grand Canyon University

7.Regent University

8.Champlain College

9.Westwood College

10.Tiffin University

Whether you want to study across the country or study online, it’s important to know what the top 10 accounting schools are. This will help narrow down your options and find the school that’s right for you.