Ubs Accounting – Ubs Accounting For Sma Industries And Alternatives

UBS Accounting in Malaysia is one of the biggest Accounting Software firms throughout south east Asia, suitable for any small and medium size industries, but for medium size company, there are few alternatives that works better! Compare to UBS Accounting, alternative accounting such as MYOB Accounting and Mr. Accounting seems to enjoy more user friendly experience.

However, all the above mention software is not suitable for company with the development team, because the source code based accounting software will be a better choice. 5 Reasons to choose source code based accounting:

Reason #1 – Save tons of client licenses.
Source code based accounting always comes with royalty free and re-brand-able rights, so the company can expand as many clients as they like without further paying any license fees.

Reason #2 – Business process highly automated.
With developer that able to modify the source code, they can basically design, modify and integrate the software to the company advantages. The power of customize software allowed highly automation between the different sub system, such as human resources, inventory, point of sales, warehouse and e-commerce. All data can be passed between the systems without human intervention, provide highest automation possible and better security control.

Reason #3 – Faster integration.
For general integration, this can happen in as fast as 24 hours through Stored procedure user interface! There is no need to export and import data between systems, all sub systems can pass data easily through stored procedure.

Reason #4 – SQL database power.
While another accounting system still using dbf files as storage, the source code based accounting mostly support SQL database, this give the company highest scalability and powerful integration convenient. For medium size company, the database can store life time data, up to terabytes of financial data without clearing!

Reason #5 – High expandability.
Developer can prepare any reporting requested by the company without limitation, they do not need to rely on vendor to customize the reporting for them. Report is a very critical component to management decision support.

Unless your company has a good in-house development team, you won’t be able to enjoy source code based accounting benefits, at most it is just another alternative accounting software to UBS Accounting!

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