Understanding Banking Better @ Ssbm

Symbiosis School of Banking Management is one of the premier institutes located in Pune that is able to offer an in-depth analysis of the BFSI sector with its MBA in Banking Management program. Contrary to the regular Symbiosis MBA in Finance, SSBM focuses more on the concepts relevant to both banking and finance sector. The curriculum at SSBM is a fine balance of academics and extra-curricular activities that is able to give students the much needed grooming or training to become capable managers of the banking sector. In fact, Symbiosis Banking Management courses is one of the few programs in the country that has received an extremely positive feedback from the industry and in-spite of its relatively recent establishment, SSBM has fast grown to become a popular PG destination amongst students.
Organizing regular industry interactions so as to make the students aware of the latest developments along with inviting experts to share their opinions and experiences is one of the most religiously followed rules in the SSBM curriculum. In line with this tradition, SSBM will be organizing a special workshop on Mergers and Acquisitions in the second week of February 2013. The workshop will be conducted by Dr. Nilanjan Sen (Associate Dean, Nanyang Executive Education and Associate Professor, Banking and Finance, Nanyang Business School). With Mergers and Acquisitions happening on a daily basis, it is very important for the MBA in Banking Management students to do an in-depth analysis through such workshops.
The Symbiosis Banking Management program is a comprehensive approach towards understanding the BFSI sector. This workshop will help the students broaden their perspective and understand the functioning of the BFSI sector with regards to the latest developments in the industry. It is these distinctive features that put up SSBMs MBA in banking management program high on the preference list of students looking for options in their PG programs. In fact; hosting workshops, encouraging students to develop a proactive approach and even and learning through practical training are all an integral part of the Symbiosis Banking Management program in Pune.
The rigorous study routine is not the only part highlighted in the Symbiosis Banking Management program; SSBM balances academics with an equal dose of extra-curricular activities through its regularly organized events, creative clubs, etc where students are given an excellent platform to nurture their innate talents. This year the admissions 2013-2015 have yet again received an overwhelming response as millions of students aspiring to enter SSBM, have put forth their registrations.
This is just one of the many events organized by SSBM. Just recently, SSBM also organized a knowledge enhancing conclave with Mint-one of the leading newspapers of the country. Even during the coming year, SSBM has a series of interesting events lined up to create an interacting learning atmosphere for the students.
Currently the institute is looking forward to welcoming the new batch as they go ahead with the next round of group discussion and interview sessions. Applicants to SSBM can follow us onhttp://www.pagalguy.com/forums/xat-snap-iift-and-others/admission-2013-2015-at-ssbm-t-87968/p-3609268/r-4253981 for latest updates with regards to the Admissions 2013-2015.
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