Understanding Forex Money Management

One of the most important aspects of Forex trading is Forex money management. Money-management tends to be one of the more difficult concepts to grasp even for the most experienced Forex trader. Even understanding the basis basics of Forex money-management can help your Forex trading go along way. The importance of money management has been the focus for educators that teach forex trading. Most would think that the main focus would be on technical analysis and understanding the importance of economic events and the news calendar.

The first and most basic of money management decisions will be what is the account size? When funding your forex trading account the funds that are deposited in the account should be considered to be risk capital. The decision and determination of the account size is very subjective and is a very personal decision so one should look very closely look at his or her personal financial situation to make this determination.

Forex money management techniques should also be applied on a per trade basis. The value of each trade should be a certain percentage of the account equity. Once again this would be determined by each individual Trader as to the specific number but it should be within their comfort level. This is where discipline comes into play. The tendency is for traders to increase their trade amounts depending upon their level of confidence in a particular trade.

Trade management is a critical aspect of Forex money management. Knowing when to exit a trade especially those losing trades is very important for account preservation. It is also important for the Trader to recognize and to let winning trades increase. Even though this may be common knowledge it is one of the hardest habits for any Forex trader to break.

The use of leverage in for Forex is also an important Forex money management decision. Leverage while it can offer many opportunities in the Forex market can also be something that can be detrimental to an account as well.
It is very important before a Forex trader begins to have a trading plan. Sticking to that plan and staying disciplined are also key factors in Forex money-management.