Use Crowdsourcing to Help Accounting Websites in Winning New Clients to Your CPA Firm

Crowdsourcing is an Internet marketing buzzword that has become increasingly widespread lately and it’s a construct you can utilize to optimize accounting websites, draw visitors to it, and improve your online profile to grow your firm. Before we get started, though, it’s essential that you acquire a working knowledge of the concept; then you’ll be set to ascertain how to apply it on your accounting website.

Really, the construct that is “crowdsourcing” is a logical continuation of the precept that marketers can make use of the general population–consisting of current customers and the people that frequent your website–to heighten your understanding of customer needs and position your practice as a strong solution. There’s no one right way to do this. Crowdsourcing is a broad term and uses lots of different online tools including forums, blogs, wikis, and even direct email.

So how does this help you sign prospects? You can use these strategies in conjunction with good accounting websites to better understand your market. Crowdsourcing is basically a trick marketers use to gather free research data. Businesses and individuals alive will willingly provide you with tons of usefull marketing information if you know how to ask for it.

For example, if you write a blog posting about little-known tax loopholes that private individuals can use to reduce their tax burdens and allow readers to comment, you may find that the information you posted has struck a chord with visitors to your blog site. Then, you might choose to add a content page to your accounting website that is optimized for relevant and related keywords in addition to linking the blog post to your site (or, better yet, to the optimized page you create). Crowdsourcing is like using knowledge gained from reader feedback as a kind of free advertising; understand what your readers want and need, then position your firm as the answer.

Crowdsourcing can also be used to generate feedback on the services your accounting firm offers, helping you better meet the needs of existing customers and improving your relationships with them. This takes some time and energy. You need to take some time to launch each discussion and keep watch over the outcomes but if this can inform you about concerns your clients are worrying about it’s worth every moment. If you’re just starting out with online promotion, it’s recommended that you draw on the skills of an accomplished online marketing pro.