What is Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation means taking out one loan to pay off many others that secures a lower interest rate and a fixed interest rate or for ease of servicing one loan only. Generally, it involves a secured loan against an asset that serves as collateral most probably a house. In such case a mortgage is secured against the house. Since, by collateralizing the asset owner agrees to allow the forced sale of the asset to pay back the loan. All this involves minor chances of risk to the lender so the interest rate offered is lower. Sometimes a heavy discount is provided by the debt consolidation companies on the amount of the loan. The decision to consolidate must be taken carefully as consolidation affects the ability of the debtor to discharge debts in bankruptcy. As compared to an unsecured loan from a bank a debt payment by credit card is more beneficial as credit cards carry much large interest rate. Debtors those having property whether it may be a car or home get a lower rate through a secured loan by using their property as collateral. As a result of this the total interest and the cash flow paid towards the debt is lower which ensures the debt to be paid off sooner incurring less interest. Companies that are engaged in these debt relief programs are well-versed in dealing with various types of creditors, like mortgage companies, banks, credit card companies etc.

They are the great rescuer as they interact with creditors to reduce the amount of money you owe to them and can even convince creditors to cut back on the interest rate on your previous borrowings, thereby assisting you in finding your way out of this debt-ridden situation.

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